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Thai Festivals & Holidays 2019

Thailand celebrates a whole host of different celebrations, festivals and public holidays.
On Thai public holidays banks, post offices etc. are closed but all transport and most tourism-related businesses still operate as normal.
Below is a guide to the Thailand Public Holidays in 2019.



January 2019

1st Tuesday – New Years Day
The Western New Year is the first of three New Year celebrations in Thailand and is a national holiday.

February 2019

5th Tuesday – Chinese New Year
Whilst widely celebrated by Thailand’s large Chinese community the Chinese lunar New Year is not a national holiday although lots of businesses close and watch out for sudden bursts of firecracker fire. This year, in case you were wondering, will be the year of the Pig.

19th Tuesday – Makha Bucha Day
Makha Bucha day is a Buddhist festival and national holiday that celebrates the first sermon given by the Buddha.



March 2019

22nd-23rd Friday/Saturday – Trat Memorial Day
Although they are not public holidays on these days the people of Trat province celebrate the return of Trat to Thai sovereignty by the French following negotiations overseen by King Rama V. If you find yourself in Trat Town on these days then head to the park in front of the city hall which is the focus of festivities to mark the anniversary.

April 2019

Saturday 6th – Chakri Day
A public holiday that celebrates the founding of Thailand’s Chakri dynasty of Monarchy in 1782 by King Rama I.
Mon 8th – Public Holiday in Lieu

Sat, Sun, Mon 13-14-15 – Songkran Festival (Read more about the famous water festival here)
Thailand’s New Year is celebrated by the famous water festival. Get involved and you’ll have fun.

Tuesday 16th – Public holiday in Lieu

May 2019

Wednesday 1st – Labour Day
A holiday that is held in Thailand and many other countries to celebrate the economic and social contributions of the Kingdom’s workers – by giving them the day off.

Monday 13th – Royal Ploughing Ceremony
This ancient royal ceremony marks the traditional commencement of rice-sowing across the country and is celebrated by a public holiday

Saturday 18th – Visaka Bucha Day
This sacred Buddhist day marks three events; the birth, the enlightenment and the ascention of the Buddha.
Monday 20th – Public Holiday in Lieu

July 2019

16th Tuesday – Asana Bucha Day
17th Wednesday – Khao Pansa Day (Buddhist Lent)

These are Public Holidays celebrating the Buddhist Lent period when monks traditionally retreat to their temples in contemplation as new life grows and springs forth.

28th Sunday –  King Vajiralongkorn’s Birthday
29th Monday –  Public Holiday in Lieu

August 2019

12th Monday – The Birthday of her Royal Highness the Queen of Thailand.
This day serves as a Public Holiday to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and is also the day that Thais celebrate Mothers’ Day.

October 2019

13th Sunday – This public holiday comemmorates the passing of the revered King Rama IX, Bhumibol Adalyadej
14th Monday – Public Holiday in Lieu

23rd Wednesday – Chulalongkorn Day
Public Holiday in remembrance of the revered Thai Monarch King Rama V.

November 2019

13th Wednesday – Loy Kratong
Thailand’s special annual Full Moon Festival.
(Read more about this atmospheric festival here)

December 2019

5th Thursday – Father’s Day
The celebration of the date of birth of the revered King Rama IX, Bhumibol Adalyadej also marks Father’s day in Thailand.

10th Tuesday – Constitution Day
Public holiday celebrating the signing of the first of Thailand’s many constitutions.

25th Wednesday – Christmas Day
Not a public holiday in this Buddhist nation but Christmas is certainly celebrated in all the nation’s shopping malls.

31st Tuesday – New Year’s Eve
Public holiday

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