Koh Chang Guide

A car ferry company operates from Ao Thammachat on the mainland to Ao Sapparot on Koh Chang. Ao Thammachat is 9km from Laem Ngop and 17km from Trat Airport. A second ferry goes from Centrepoint, 3 km up the coast from Laem Ngop.

Ao Thammachat (039-555-188)

First Ferry – 06.30 am
Last Ferry – 07.00 pm
Every 45 minutes
Prices  (One way)
Car: 120B
Person: 80B

Centrepoint Ferry (039-538-196)

First Ferry – 06.00 am
Last Ferry – 07.30 pm
Every 1 hour
Prices (Return)
Car: 180B
Person: 140B

When you get Here

On arrival share taxis wait to take passengers to the various beaches. White Sands Beach (Hat Sai Khao) is 50B, Klong Prao is 60B, Kai Bae is 80B, Lonely Beach costs 100B and Bang Bao is 120B. NB – In the quieter season these taxis will often not leave until they are full unless you hire the whole taxi for 500 baht or even more. It is unfair but there is no point arguing – pay or wait.

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