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Koh Chang Transport: Close and Convenient

One of the best things about Koh Chang Transport is that the island is only only 315km from Bangkok and this makes it very easy to get to.
The roads are good all the way, there are buses running day and night and a regular air service brings you conveniently to Trat Airport just a few minutes drive from the Koh Chang Ferry.

It is also simple to get around Koh Chang whilst you are here and also to get to and from the mailand and some of the nearby islands.

Below and in our detailed Koh Chang transport pages you will find everything you need to know about getting to Koh Chang and exploring whilst you are here.

Getting To Koh Chang

Koh Chang By Air

Trat Airport, owned and operated by Bangkok Airways, is located on the mainland 17 kilometres from the Koh Chang ferry.

Bangkok Airways Flight Schedule
Bangkok – Trat    Trat – Bangkok
Dep.   – 08:20
Arrive. – 09:20    PG302
Dep.  – 10:00
Arrive – 11:00
Dep.   – 11:40
Arrive.  – 12:40    PG306
Dep.  – 13:10
Arrive – 14:10
Dep.  – 17:00
Arrive – 18:00    PG308
Dep.  – 18:30
Arrive – 19:30

Flights operate from and to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Bangkok Airways also offer a minibus service to U-Tapao airport and then an onward flight to Samui or Phuket.    Schedule changes are not uncommon so you might want to check www.bangkokair.com or call 1771 for the latest flight times. The Koh Chang office of Bangkok Airways in White Sand Beach can be reached on 039-551-654/5 and the airport contact is 039-525-767/8.  If you take the later flight and it is delayed in any way then don’t worry – they hold the last ferry to Koh Chang to meet minibuses from the airport so you won’t get stranded.

Buses to Koh Chang From Bangkok

One of the best ways to get down to Koh Chang is by bus from either Ekamai – Bangkok’s eastern bus terminal, or Morchit – the northern terminal. The frequent departures from both are detailed in the table provided.

Buses: To/From Bangkok
99 Express (089-752-5732, 090-356-1092)
Ekamai Bus Station to Ferries – 07.45 am, 09.45 am
Ferries to Ekamai Bus Station- 02.00 pm
(service also stops at Suvarnabhumi Airport)
Cherdchai Tour
(02-391-2237)    Tanakawee
to Trat
06.00 am
07.00 am
09.30 am
11.00 am
12.30 am
01.15 pm
02.00 pm
03.30 pm
05.30 pm
07.30 pm
08.30 pm
10.00 pm
11.00 pm
11.30 pm
to Trat
(via Airport)
8.30am 5.30pm    Trat to Ekamai
07.00 am
08.00 am
09.00 am
10.00 am
11.00 am
12.00 pm
01.00 pm
02.00 pm
04.00 pm
06.00 pm
09.30 pm
11.00 pm
11.30 pm
Trat to
(via Airport)
8.30am 2.30pm    Ekamai to
Ferry (Ao
08.30 am

to Trat
10.30 am
12.00 pm
04.40 pm
06.30 pm
10.30 pm

to Trat
(via Airport)
06.00 am
09.30 am
12.30 pm
03.30 pm
11.00 pm    Ferry (Ao
Tammachat) to Khao San Rd.
11.30 am
Trat to
10.00 am
10.30 am
12.00 pm
02.00 pm
08.00 pm

Trat to
(via Airport)
07.30 am
09.30 am
12.30 pm

Buses take from four to six hours to get down to Trat or to the Koh Chang ferries. Most convenient are the buses run by Tanakawee or 99 Express that go directly to the ferry stops at Centrepoint and Ao Thammachat. Expect to pay around 275-300 Baht for your journey.

If you get a bus to Trat, the nearest town to Koh Chang, you will arrive at Trat’s bus station, about 1km out of town (See the Trat Map). Taxis will be waiting to take you the 20 kilometres to the Koh Chang ferry for about 300 Baht. You can reduce this to 50 Baht if you are prepared to wait and take a shared taxi.

There are also minibuses that pick up from guesthouses around Khao San Road in Bangkok and travel directly to the ferry departure point at Laem Ngop. Bookings can be made from any of the scores of travel agents in this area. The buses typically leave at 7-8am and take 5 or 6 hours. The trip costs around 300B including ferry crossing. Minibuses return to Bangkok at 11am every day from Laem Ngop.
There is also a minibus that leaves from the Ao Thammachat ferry arrival point for Victory Monument in Bangkok every hour. It costs 300 Baht. Note that it doesn’t stop at the airport but on request they will drop you off in a nearby part of Bangkok from where you can get a taxi.

Buses to Koh Chang from Suvarnabhumi Airport

All the bus services that leave from Morchit bus terminal stop to pick up passengers at Suvarnabhumi airport’s bus station. This is linked to the airport by a free white shuttle bus. The 99 Express buses from Ekamai also stop here. For departure times add twenty minutes to the Bangkok departure times in the timetable.

Buses to Koh Chang from Pattaya/Koh Samet

Daily minibus services operate from Pattaya via Ban Pae (ferry port for Koh Samet) to the ferry departure point at Laem Ngop. The cost is around 500B from Pattaya or 400B from Ban Pae and the journey takes 4 or 2.5 hours respectively. More expensive services often use better minibuses – ask.

Going to Laem Ngop the services typically leave Pattaya at 8am and pick up in Ban Pae at 11am. A return service leaves Laem Ngop at 1pm daily. Public buses leave for Pattaya from Trat’s bus station at 05.00, 09.30, 12.00 and 15.00 daily. It’s a long hot journey and the minibus option is more comfortable.

Koh Chang By Car

Eastern Thailand and its islands can be easily reached by road and two regular car ferries operate to Koh Chang.

There are two main driving routes from Bangkok, both around 310km long.

The first route is to take Highway 3, the Bangna – Trat road. There is a quicker elevated tollway running above Highway 3. Continue until the Chonburi Bypass and here turn off onto Highway 344.  Follow this road past Ban Bung and when you reach the Klaeng Crossroads turn back onto Highway 3 and continue on towards Trat.

Alternatively you can leave Bangkok on the Motorway that is a continuation of the Rama IX, Srinikarin road. This road goes onwards and meets highway 344 where you can continue to Trat as detailed above.
To avoid Trat and go directly to the ferry departure points turn right onto the well-signposted Laem Ngop road about 20km outside Trat.

If you’re driving from Pattaya take Highway 36 which joins Highway 3 heading towards Trat shortly after Rayong.

Travel Between Koh Chang and Cambodia

If you’re coming to Koh Chang from Cambodia then it is most convenient to travel to Koh Chang via daily minibus services from both Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville taking you directly all the way to Koh Chang (and also the other way round from Koh Chang travelling to Cambodia). Local travel agents can book the trip for you. These trips involve a full day’s travel but they take you door to door. Don’t forget cash and a passport photo for your Cambodian visa.

Boats to Koh Chang

A car ferry operates from Ao Thammachat on the mainland to Ao Sapparot on Koh Chang. Ao Thammachat is 9km from Laem Ngop and 17km from Trat Airport. A second ferry, now named Cenferry, goes from Centrepoint, 3 km up the coast from Laem Ngop. Times and prices are as per the table below.

Koh Chang Ferry Timetable
Ao Thammachat
(039-555-188)    Cenferry
06.30 am – 19.00 pm
Every 45 minutes    06.00 am – 19.00 pm
Every 1 hour
Prices (One Way only)
Car: 120B  Person: 80B    Prices (Return)
Car: 180B Person: 160B

On arrival share taxis wait to take passengers to the various beaches. White Sands Beach (Hat Sai Khao) is 50B, Klong Prao is 60B, Kai Bae is 80B, Lonely Beach costs 120B and Bang Bao is 150B. NB – In the quieter season these taxis will often not leave until they are full unless you hire the whole taxi for 800 baht or even more. It is expensive but there is no point arguing – pay or wait.

Boats to Koh Kood, Koh Mak & Koh Wai

It is now easy (at least in the high season from October to May) to get boats and speedboats from Koh Chang to the other local islands. Bang Bao Boat and Kai Bae Speedboat both offer a daily service from Koh Chang to these islands. They can all be booked through local travel agencies.

And there are also ferry services to Koh Mak and Koh Kood from the mainland that operate year round.

Koh Mak/Kood Ferry Timetable
NB: October to May ONLY
Bang Bao Boat – Out
Koh Chang 9am,
Koh Wai 10:00am,
Koh Kham 10:40am, Koh Mak 10:50am,
Koh Rayang 10.20am, Koh Kood 12.00pm    Bang Bao Boat – Back
Koh Kood 9am,
Koh Rayang 12.40pm, Koh Mak 1.00pm,
Koh Kham 1.20pm,
Koh Wai 1.30pm,
Koh Chang 2pm
Bang Bao Speedboat – From Koh Chang (2 times daily)
Koh Chang –   9:30,    12:00
Koh Wai –        9:50,    12:20
Koh Kham –    10:10,   12:40
Koh Mak –       10:20,   12:50
Koh Rayang – 10:40,    13:10
Koh Kood –     11:20,    13:50
Tel: 039-558-046, 087-054-4300
Bang Bao Speedboat – From Koh Kood (2 Times daily)
Koh Kood –      9:00,     12:00
Koh Rayang – 9:30,    12:30
Koh Mak –       10:00,   13:00
Koh Wai –       10:30,   13:30
Koh Chang –  11:00,   13:50
Tel: 039-558-046, 087-054-4300
Nor Nou Kai Bae
Speedboat – Out
Koh Chang 09:00
Koh Wai 09:30
Koh Mak 10:00
Koh Kood 11:00
Tel: 081-982-29870    Nor Nou Kai Bae
Speedboat – Back
Koh Kood 11:00
Koh Mak 12:00
Koh Wai 12:30
Koh Chang 13:00
Tel: 081-817-6832
Koh Mak/Kood From Mainland
Trat ( Laem Sork)- Koh Mak – Koh Kood    Koh Kood/Mak –
Trat (Laem Sork)
Boonsiri High Speed
10:45, 14:20
A bus service connects to    Koh Kood 09:00, 12:00
Koh Mak 12:40
Tel: 086-333-8560
Bangkok and Pattaya
From Laem Ngop    From Koh Mak
Leelawadee Speedboat
10:30, 14:00    Costs 450B (50 mins)
08:00, 11:30
Panan Speed Boat
13:00, 16:00    Costs 450B (50 mins)
09:00, 13:30
Wooden Ferry
11:00 (Tue/Sat only)    Costs 300B
08:00 (Mon/Fri only)
From Laem Sok    From Koh Mak
Catamaran 350B
14:30 (Fri/Sat only)    Price Includes taxi to Trat
12:00 (Fri/Sat only)
Mainland – Koh Kood
Koh Kood Express: 12:30 daily – 350 Baht
Koh Kood Princess: 12:30 daily – 350 Baht
Koh Kood Fantasea: 13:30 daily – 600 Baht

Getting Around Koh Chang

On Koh Chang white share taxis run between all the beaches as far as Bang Bao and the ferry terminals from 6am until late evening. They can be flagged down anywhere and used to travel around the island. If you are planning to return to your hotel late at night don’t rely on the taxis since evening services are a bit erratic. Either book a taxi yourself or take advantage of the transport services that are increasingly being offered by many of the hotels, bars and restaurants on the island.

Alternatively cars, motorcycles and bicycles can be hired from many hire firms and resorts around the island. Roads are of variable quality and there are some dangerous hill sections. If you are an inexperienced motorcycle rider then think carefully before hiring a motorbike. Every year the island has quite a few road deaths and many visitors have their trip spoiled by a motorcycle accident. If you don’t wear a helmet the local police will be waiting to fine you.

Leaving Koh Chang

When leaving the island from any of the main beaches wait anywhere on the road about 45 minutes before ferry departure and share taxis will stop and pick you up as they pass taking you to the ferry departure point. If you are travelling to Trat airport then you can book a minibus that will take you directly to the airport. Book this on 039-516-005 or 086-563-8889.

Koh Chang Travel Agencies

On Koh Chang you will find that you can book transport and island activities at any of scores of little travel agents. But how can you know which ones are reliable? Don’t worry, there is one way. Travel agencies in Thailand can apply for official recognition through the Tourist Authority of Thailand (T.A.T.). After paying a deposit and passing a review the T.A.T. issues them with a license number. So ask your travel agent for their T.A.T. number. Then you can be sure that they are licensed and in the event of any difficulties you can contact the T.A.T.

A well-established White Sand Beach travel agent with TAT accreditation and a good reputation is Island Net (Tel: 039-551-215).

In Lonely Beach Jungle Fresh Travel is a reliable Travel agency.

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