What is Thailand’s Best Beer?

So what is the Best Beer in Thailand?

A good question, and there’s only one way to find an answer. That’s right, try them all. So that’s what we did. We assembled a crack team of testers, bought eleven commonly available beers and did a blind tasting of them all to find out which was best. Here’s how it went.

The Beers

We tasted Chang, Singha, Heineken, Tiger, San Miguel Light, Cheers, Archa, Asahi, Leo, Beer Laos Dark and Federbrau. We could probably have found other beers but these were the most easily available and frankly, eleven was quite enough.

The Tasters

The expert tasting team comprised Andrew Sullivan, John Dawes, Roger Brennan, Martin Buswell, Ken Bird, Glenn Marshall and Dave Hinchliffe. There is a great depth of beer knowledge there. Special credit is due to artist/publican Roger Brennan who was the most successful in guessing the identity of the mystery beers.

The System

We did a blind tasting of all the beers, made tasting notes (a few of which are actually publishable) and scored each beer out of ten.

The Results

There were some real surprises, some tasty beers and some really awful ones. But who were the winners and who were the losers.

Thailand’s Worst Beer?

According to our panel the worst beer was…Tiger Beer. This comes as a bit of a surprise since Singapore’s Tiger is brewed under license in Thailand and sold as one of the countries more expensive brands of beer. But this clearly didn’t impress the panel who all found it unpleasant and gave it a dreadful rating of just 14 out of 70.
Tasting notes: “Gassy indescribable pish” – “Really bad, made my face feel tight” – “Nasty aftertaste” – ” tastes like sweat in a glass” “Unpleasant – not refreshing.”

Thailand’s Third Best Beer – Cheers

Congratulations are due to lowly Cheers beer which performed well above its budget friendly price and scored a very respectable 46 out of 70.
Tasting Notes: “One of the better ones” – “Not too bad, slight aftertaste” – ”Drinkable” – ”Drinkable, Inoffensive”

Thailand’s Second Best Beer – Leo

Despite a recent rebranding and change of recipe which also saw an oh-so-sneaky reduction in the volume of each bottle Boon Rawd Brewery’s Leo again performs very well in our beer tasting (it won the last one). It scored 51 out of 70 and was popular with almost the whole panel (one score of five compared the aroma to urine).
Tasting Notes: “Nice taste, has to be Leo” – “Good enough” – “pretty nice, smooth drinking, could drink a few”

The Best Beer in Thailand

OK nationalists brace yourselves, you ain’t going to like this. The best widely available beer in Thailand, as voted for by our expert panel, scored a huge 58 out of 70 and was a clear winner.
So congratulations to Beer Laos Dark!
Tasting Notes: “A treat for the taste buds” – “Very, very nice” – “Hoppy and full flavoured” – “ Malty, sweet and full flavoured” – “Nice proper beer”

Results in Full

1st – Beer Laos Dark – 58
2nd – Leo – 51
3rd – Cheers – 48
4th – Singha – 40
5th – Archa – 38
6th – Federbrau – 34
7th – Heineken 27
8th – Asahi – 26
9th – Chang – 22
10th – San Miguel Light – 18
11th – Tiger – 14

Since we tested there is already a new beer available. “U” Beer, made by the makers of Leo and Singha is… OK. How does it compare to all the above beers? Dunno. Guess we’ll have to have another tasting. Life is tough!


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