Thai Island For Sale

Private Island For Sale at Koh Chang

Price 100M Baht

Owning an island in Thailand. It’s the James Bond dream isn’t it?

Most of the islands in the Koh Chang island group are 100% owned by the Koh Chang Marine National Park and cannot ever be privately owned or developed. But just a few can.

Within the National Park there are only a few islands with any land with an official private ownership title.

They are: Koh Chang, Koh Wai, Koh Lao Ya, Koh Prao Nai in Salak Phet Bay and Koh Man Nai off Kai Bae Beach (in case you’re wondering Koh Mak and Koh Kood aren’t actually within the National Park boundaries).


And the private land plot on Koh Man Nai is for sale. The private land is 4 rai in area (that’s 6,400 sq.m.) The rest of the land on the island is National Park land in the same way that some of the land on Koh Chang belongs to the National Park and some can be owned privately.  The land has a “Nor Sor Sam” title which, after Chanote, is the most secure land title that you can get in Thailand. The land was first registered in the 1950’s so it has a long and secure history of private ownership. It is currently owned by investors who bought it some 20 years ago and have now decided that the time is right to sell.

So what could you do with a private island a stone’s throw from the popular island of Koh Chang?

Why not a luxury five star resort – possibly with private villas or apartments? If it was designed sympathetically and set up with the approval and cooperation of the national park itself then it would be something truly unique. Or you could just build an amazing private home (and have a dwarf butler with a razor-brimmed hat maybe?). There all kinds of possibilities.

Of course these kinds of properties are rare indeed in Thailand, and everywhere else as well.

So If being an island owner appeals to you then get in touch with us below to find out more about how you can turn the dream into reality.

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