October Koh Chang Guides Finished

Koh Chang Guides Available to Download

koh chang guides in storageAt last our new Koh Chang Guides are complete and are now available in print and electronic form. You can read and download the PDFs by clicking the links below.

One of the big changes with these new issues is that all of the guides and maps are now interactive. You can click any of the ads or hyperlinks in the text to go to the related website. So if you need to know more about anything you find in the guide it's now just a click away. We think that this is really quite a neat development and it took ages to figure out so we hope that you find it helpful.

Koh Chang Guide PDF Downloads

Koh Chang Guide
Koh Chang Restaurants, Bars & Spas
Koh Chang Treasure Map – FrontBack

And the print versions of the island will start to be distributed over the coming week. We have received them but as you can see there's a vicious cat guarding them.


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