Miss Grand International 2015

Koh Chang News – September 2015

Miss Grand International 2015

koh chang beauty pageantPosters have sprung up all over the place advertising “Miss Grand International 2015“. It looks like this is going to be a beauty pageant. Thailand does love a beauty pageant. They virtually keep the nation’s plastic surgeaons in business as stunningly attractive Thai girls have their perfectly attractive noses bullied into little pointy stubs in the mistaken belief that “west is best”.

Anyway Miss Grand International differs from most Thai beauty competitions in that the contestants are genuinely international – even though it is a Thai contest. The website lists contestants from 106 different countries. The event is taking place from the 8th to 14th of October, so as you travel round the island be prepared to see pretty young girls burbling about “doing things for charideee, bringing peace to the world and stroking puppies”.

But that’s nor very charitable is it? We’d like to extend a very warm welcome from Koh Chang to all of these international visitors and if any of the contestants would like to know more about our island paradise then they are welcome to get in touch with us here at the Koh Chang Guide and we’ll be happy to help. Especially the contestants from Ethiopia and Vietnam.

Expect the island to be clean as well – as soon as cameras arrive all the rubbish seems to mysteriously disappear. We just need to arrange to have film crews here all the time and the island would be spotless.

Koh Chang Weather

There was some truly heavy rain and wild seas last week as Koh Chang was subjected to the last gasp of tropical storm “Vamco”. Despite the downpours Koh Chang was just on the trailing end of the storm. Pattaya and the surrounding area suffered very heavy flooding. Anyway it’s over now and the weather over the last few days has been hazy and humid with occasional showers. We probably haven’t quite seen the last of the rain but the change of season can’t be more than a few weeks away, and as mentioned previously it really hasn’t been a very rainy rainy season this year at all.

Makro vs. Big C vs. Tesco vs. 7-Eleven vs. Mum and Dad Shop

Construction has begun at a breakneck pace on the new Big C supermarket across from our office in Pearl Beach. These big supermarkets spring up in no time so pretty soon you will be able to choose between all the main “Thai” supermarket chains on Koh Chang. Obviously this hurts local small businesses but you might as well try and stop the tide coming in. And some of the local supermarkets such as Anna Store in White Sand Beach and Sing Tong in Klong Prao shouldn’t be much affected simply because they stock a really good selection of imported international foods that even the big supermarket chains can’t match.

New Koh Chang Guides/Website Work

The new issues of our guides have arrived in paper and electronic form. You can read them below. We’ll be giving the paper copies out as usual all over Koh Chang and Thailand over the coming weeks.

We’ve been toiling over the website as well, adding content and making the whole experience simpler and more user-friendly (hopefully anyway – you tell us, you’re the users!). There’s a nice new Koh Chang Instagram Feed on the sidebar and in our photo section. Go on, explore.


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