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The Koh Chang Kodak Shop Robbery

kodak-shop-fire-koh-chang-1 kodak-shop-fire-koh-chang-2This is one of those ridiculous and sad stories that you just shake your head at.

About three weeks ago the new Kodak shop in Kai Bae was robbed and set on fire. Fortunately the whole building didn’t burn down and nobody was hurt.

Spare a thought for the shop though – they lost a lot of high value phones and laptops and what wasn’t stolen was badly smoke damaged. They have two other stores in Koh Chang so you can support them whilst they get on their feet again by shopping there.

But what a strange crime. Robbery in itself is a bad enough thing but arson is far more dangerous to life and of course it quite rightly carries a much longer prison sentence if you’re caught.

So why would a criminal who wants to quietly rob a business and escape with the loot set fire to it? You’d think for only one of two reasons; either it happened by mistake or the thief held a huge grudge against the business owner that was so great it was worth risking a lenghty prison sentance for.

Well they caught the criminal.

He was trying to sell on the stolen goods in Klong Yai near the Cambodian border (about 50km away as the crow flies).

And of course they asked why he’d gone to the extreme measure of torching the shop.

Apparently he was upset because he’d bought a phone from there a few weeks previously and then found out that it he could have bought the same phone online for 1,000 Baht less.

That’s it – the motivation for this criminal genius was the discovery that buying things online without all the convenience and after-sale support support is cheaper.

He’ll be spending quite a lot of his time over then next twelve years or so wondering whether he might have over-reacted a bit.



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