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What is Koh Kood Like?

Koh Kood is the second largest and southernmost island in the Koh Chang archipelago. Its topography is similar to that of Koh Chang; it is also mountainous and largely covered in rain forest. The highest hill on Koh Kood, at 315 metres, is Khao Phaentee in the southeast of the island.

Another significant scenic feature is Klong Chao waterfall. The waterfall itself is not particularly high but falls into a huge plunge pool in a very beautiful jungle setting, a good place for a cooling swim. Various boat operators on Koh Chang or Koh Mak offer trips to the waterfall.

The sea here is extremely clear and a brilliant blue colour. This makes the many beaches that run down the West coast of the island extremely pleasant places to be. Also, there are some excellent corals at shallow depths on many of the beaches

Despite the fact that Koh Kood is Thailand’s fourth biggest island the population is only around 1,500. But infrastructure is improving rapidly and recent frantic large scale improvements in the roads suggests the introduction of a car ferry in the near future. Watch this space.

The largest settlement is the fishing village of Ao Salat in the northeast. This is worth a visit just to see the wide range of seafood brought in and sold on the rickety wooden pier.

Unfortunately, there isn’t yet any organised public transport on the island – although you may be able to get a taxi ordered in advance. If you want to have a look around ask at your resort to see if you can hire a motorbike or get a car to take you around. Alternatively, you might be able to get around in a motor boat or canoe.

Traditionally the resorts on the island have been luxury developments catering mainly to Thai tourism. Transport to these resorts is arranged as part of the package deal.  There are now, however, some new low, medium and high-end options which cater more to foreign visitors. Rooms at these places range from 400-500 Baht per night up to around 100,000 (not a typo!) Baht per night at the super upscale Six Senses Resort on the island.

From the mainland, the easiest way to reach the island independently is with a daily ferry leaving from Laem Ngop and Koh Chang or by taking the local ferry from Dan Khao close to Trat (see transport section). From Koh Chang look out for ferry services operated by Bang Bao Boat and Kai Bae Speedboat.

If you want a beautiful sandy beach virtually to yourself and don’t expect anything by way of nightlife other than listening to the waves lap then Koh Kood is the place for you. If you expect a party you will be disappointed but if peace and quiet are your thing then the island is a good choice of destination. The water around Koh Kood is famed for its blueness and clarity and you can find some pretty good corals off the beaches if you like to snorkel. You can dive off Koh Kood with B.B. Divers, Koh Kood Divers and Paradise Divers; all of whom have offices on the island.

Places to Stay in Koh Kood

A great budget accommodation option is Kama Siri Guesthouse. This is a friendly and hospitable garden home close to the island’s main village.

Koh Kood Resort is a luxury place with single storey bungalows in a landscaped hillside garden that overlooks Bang Bao Bay, a lovely horseshoe bay that will have you reaching for your cameras a soon as you set eyes on it.

In the same lovely bay is The Beach Natural Resort. This is another top class resort with comfortable bungalows in a variety of styles that are designed to exceed your requirements.

Rest Sea Resort is a newly-finished resort with a modern design and feel. It’s definitely for the peace loving since it is located and a long and lovely stretch of private beach off to the south of the island.

The Soneva Kiri is a super high-end Resort with just 27 rooms and six-star facilities. It ain’t cheap but why not treat yourselves?

Places to Eat and Drink in Koh Kood

Koh Kood’s dining and entertainment options still mainly consist of the bars and restaurants at the hotels. Notable examples of nice places for a meal and cocktail are Pakarang Restaurant at The Beach Natural Resort and the restaurants at Koh Kood Resort and Rest Sea Resort.

But one exception to this is the excellent Pizza and Pasta Italian Restaurant. It’s an Italian/Thai family-run place and the food is excellent. It is located between Klong Chao Beach and the island’s hospital and this is a lively area with a few other restaurants and bars nearby. If you’re heading out for the evening this part of the island is the best place to go.

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