A Hard Shoulder to Cry On

They’re building again

There’s a project underway to widen the road, or rather one side of the road, all the way down the West Coast of Koh Chang. At the moment frenzied construction is underway, at least when it isn’t raining, or a weekend, or a Sang Som break, on the stretch of road between White Sand Beach and Chai Chet. Check out the carnage.

But what exactly are they doing? If previous work in Klong Prao is anything to go by the idea is to keep the existing road exactly as wide as it is already – one lane each way – and have a huge, enormous, six-or-seven metre wide, hard shoulder at the side.

Lots of local businesses have had to cut off the front of their buildings and now when you step out of their doors you’ll face a drop of a metre or so to the road. It’s inconvenient, to say the least.

It begs the question why?

I mean what’s the point? Apart from the fact that it’s a lucrative public-works project of course. Perhaps there’s a deal with Bangkok Airways to land flights directly on the road?

Sometimes you get the feeling that Koh Chang is trying to invent urban planning from the ground up like no place ever in the history of the world has had similar problems and needs. Just try and think of one place you have ever been to in your life that has a six-metre wide road with a seven-metre hard shoulder at the side. If that was such a good idea surely somebody, somewhere would have thought of it already?





Or, here’s a thought, why don’t they mend the existing road first?

I hope I’m wrong. Perhaps it will turn out to be a pavement for pedestrians, or, praise be, a cycle lane. These would be brilliant, lifesaving, developments.

Or perhaps it will be just what it looks like; a huge wide new space with no lane markings or regulation at all that will allow the countless bad drivers on Koh Chang to put the pedal to the metal with gleeful abandon and increase an already sickening road death toll? Because that is what happens in the end as a result of poor planning – people die.


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