Thai Food

Thailand has one of the great world cuisines. While you’re here you should sample some of the delicious food available. Even though the Thais have only had chillies for four hundred years or so they are one of the key ingredients in Thai food. But if you don’t like spicy food don’t worry; the Thai chefs on Koh Chang are used to making dishes milder on request and there are also plenty of Thai dishes which aren’t too spicy.

Whilst the food is great you may not be familiar with some of the names of the dishes and translations can sometimes be a little confusing. One local restaurant used to have “Fish in That Sauce” on their menu. So to help you to explore Thai food while you are here in Koh Chang the following is a very brief introduction to some Thai dishes you may want to sample. With most meals you can usually choose which meat or seafood you want. Chicken is Gai, Pork is Moo, Beef is Neu-a, Prawn is Goong, Fish is Pla, Squid is Pla Meuk and Vegetable is Pak. Enjoy!

Simple Dishes

Thai staple dishes are simple and nourishing and usually revolve around rice or noodles.
Pat Thai – classic Thai fried noodles
Khao Pat – Tasty and filling Egg Fried Rice.
Khao Tom – Peppery and wholesome rice soup.
Khao Man Gai – Garlic rice boiled in chicken stock with boiled chicken & chilli bean sauce

Thai Curries – Gang: spicy, healthy & delicious

Gang Kieow Wan – creamy green curry with lime leaf, lemon grass and chilli flavours
Gang Kati – creamy red curry soup
Gang Penang – aromatic, creamy, spicy curry
Gang Massaman – rich Indian style curry
Gang Som – sour spicy tamarind curry
Gang Karee – milder yellow creamy curry

Fried Dishes

Pat Gapow – spicy! stir fry with hot basil leaves
Gai Pat Med Ma Muang – chicken and cashew nut in a delicious rich roasted sauce
Pat Nam Man Hoy – Mild oyster sauce dish
Pat Poong Karee – delicious yellow curry dish, usually made with crab and eggs.


Tom Yam – Nam Kon – spicy hot and sour soup with lemon grass, galangal, mushroom, condensed milk and, usually, prawn
Tom Yam – Nam Sei – without condensed milk and usually with more fresh chillies
Tom Kaa – mild, creamy with salad cream taste
Tom Jert – mild soup with pork, tofu & cabbage

Thai Salads – Yam

These salads are typically sweet and sour and can be incredibly spicy. Watch out for small fiery hidden chillies!
Som Tam – Delicious green papaya and lime salad. This sometimes comes with raw crab – only for strong stomachs
Yam Goong – prawn and glass noodles salad

Snack Foods

Moo Dat Dieo – savoury pork strips dipped in             sesame seeds and fried
Tort Man Pla – Thailand’s famous fishcakes
Kanom Bang Nar Moo – special pork toast