Thai Spirit Houses

Houses of the Holy

thai spirit houseAs you travel around in Thailand you will see little shrines like the ones pictured dotted around in many places. They are known as Spirit Houses – or San Phra Phum in Thai – and are used to make offerings to the spirits that are believed by Thais to inhabit objects and places. Whilst Thailand’s primary religion is Therevada Buddhism most people still retain elements of earlier Animist religions in their beliefs and offerings to placate local spirits are commonplace.

The colourful little structures are decorated by all kinds of offerings such as incense sticks, candles, fruits and other kinds of food and drink.
You will find a spirit house of some kind in most houses, businesses and resorts on Koh Chang and since spirits are thought to inhabit the jungle itself spirit houses are also placed in forest locations.

If you travel by minibus or taxi expect your driver to toot his horn three times for luck as you pass the collection of spirit houses below between White Sand Beach and Klong Son.

Update 2013: The photagraphed spirit houses were cleared away a few years ago. Not sure why but the clearer must have had a strong constitution and a skeptical approach to the residents of the spirit world.