Tattoos by Jack

Jack Tattoo Koh Chang

jack tattoo koh changSermsak Bualuang, or Jack as he is more regularly known, is a Tattooist who has been part of the White Sand Beach community since the early days of dirt roads and simple backpacker beach huts. His studio is located at Tantawan Resort on White Sand Beach. The fact that he has survived so long in a competitive business is probably due to the quality and technique of his work.

A native of Chantaburi province to the west of Trat Jack first came to Koh Chang eleven years ago. Jack differs from most of today’s tattooists in that he uses the traditional Thai technique of making original tattoos by hand rather than by using the more typical tattoo gun. Tattoos are very common in Thailand where many Thai people visit temples to have special hand-made tattoos applied for protection and good luck by monks skilled in the art. Jack learned his tattooing style by observing monks as they created tattoos by hand. Jack believes that making tattoos in this way gives him greater control over the fine detail of his work making the finished tattoo of higher quality. His customers seem to think so too since many come back year after year for new tattoos. In adapting traditional styles to modern designs Jack has of course incorporated modern methods of hygiene. All equipment is thoroughly sterilised and needles are used only once. He uses a combination of bamboo sticks with metal needles on the end and heavier metal tools to produce tattoos that are unique and lasting.

It’s a lot less painful than it sounds and if you pay him a visit Jack will be more than happy to give you a permanent memory of your visit to Koh Chang.

Unique handmade tattoos
by Jack at Tantawan Resort in White Sand Beach Koh Chang
Tel:089 794 5848