December 19th – Going Down

(Another) New Wreck for Koh Chang!second wreck dive on koh chang

There was great news for Koh Chang this Tuesday as the Thai Navy played Father Christmas and sank another decommissioned boat off the island as a new dive site. The boat was the USS PGM-71, renamed the T11 by Thailand’s Navy. Guess it’s the Koh Chang Wreck 2. It is a 30 metre long gunboat and has been sunk in shallower waters than the first wreck so it can be dived by divers with just an open water diving certificate. It’s another good reason to come and dive Koh Chang and offers a little consolation in what has been a poor month for tourism in Thailand.
The whole process happened very quickly and with little of the fanfare and long delays that accompanied the sinking of the first wreck last year.Thanks to B.B. Divers for the photo.

By the way let’s just point out again that the protests that are occurring in Bangkok are occurring Bangkok and not Koh Chang. Koh Chang is fine. Don’t worry. Despite some knee-trembling travel advisories from certain countries things here could not be more normal. Relax, the sun is shining.

thaidaho vista resort view koh makKoh Mak Map
We were on Koh Mak last week putting the final touches to our new Koh Mak Map which will be coming out in January. If you’ve never been there then it’s definitely worth considering a visit. It is much smaller and quieter than Koh Chang and makes a good choice if you’re looking for peace and tranquility over an activity based holiday. We often suggest that a trip to Koh Chang with a few days on Koh Mak as well gives you the best of both worlds. Be warned that there aren’t any banks or ATM’s though so make sure that you don’t arrive with no cash like our pal Andy who (he claims) forgot.
Here are a few recommendations from our visit. We stayed at Koh Mak Cococape Resort which has some nice bungalows beside the water and some perched on the hillside with great views. Thaidaho Vista Resort has the best view on Koh Mak – and possibly in all the local islands. They also make great coffee and their huevos rancheros is sensational. Cafe Del Mak is a nice place for a drink, as is Monkey Bar at Monkey Island Resort

No Swimming?
Below is the message that greets visitors arriving by ferry at Ao Thammachat from the new LED “information” box mounted on the hill.

“Welcome to Koh Chang” – Unoriginal but not too bad a start.
“A warm welcome to Koh Chang from Koh Chang Municipality” – Okay, so the government is saying hi too – that’s nice.
“This Season: Swimming is been prohibited” – WHAT! After much head-scratching the best we could figure out is that this message is intended to be displayed on the few occasions in the monsoon when the sea is too rough to be suitable for swimming. And it hasn’t been changed for this time of calm waters. Whatever the reason please ignore it. It is OK to swim – assuming that you can swim – of course. It is, however, clearly unsafe to trust all the signs you see in these parts.

We keep updating our Property section with new properties and businesses for sale. Go there if you want to live here.
And watch this space – our new guides will be up on the site sooner than Santa can stuff your stockings.


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