3 Rai Chanote Waterfront Land

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Chanote Land by the Sea – 6.5M per Rai

This large 4,800 sqm. plot of Chanote title land is located on the East Coast of Koh Chang a couple of kilometres south of the ferry terminals. It is in an attractive location surrounded by rubber trees and has a full 50 metres of waterfront with great views over to the mainland. There are also the footings of an old pier and this is good news because that means it is one of very few locations on the island where you can legally construct a pier. This means the land would be ideal for some form of resort or residential development that incorporates boat access and mooring.

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    Sweetie Pie

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    Sweetie Pie


    Sweetie Pie Koh Chang

    Pearl Beach, Koh Chang
    Call: 099-904-1051, 097-282-3728


    A Hard Shoulder to Cry On

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    They’re building again

    There’s a project underway to widen the road, or rather one side of the road, all the way down the West Coast of Koh Chang. At the moment frenzied construction is underway, at least when it isn’t raining, or a weekend, or a Sang Som break, on the stretch of road between White Sand Beach and Chai Chet. Check out the carnage.

    But what exactly are they doing? If previous work in Klong Prao is anything to go by the idea is to keep the existing road exactly as wide as it is already – one lane each way – and have a huge, enormous, six-or-seven metre wide, hard shoulder at the side.

    Lots of local businesses have had to cut off the front of their buildings and now when you step out of their doors you’ll face a drop of a metre or so to the road. It’s inconvenient, to say the least.

    It begs the question why?

    I mean what’s the point? Apart from the fact that it’s a lucrative public-works project of course. Perhaps there’s a deal with Bangkok Airways to land flights directly on the road?

    Sometimes you get the feeling that Koh Chang is trying to invent urban planning from the ground up like no place ever in the history of the world has had similar problems and needs. Just try and think of one place you have ever been to in your life that has a six-metre wide road with a seven-metre hard shoulder at the side. If that was such a good idea surely somebody, somewhere would have thought of it already?





    Or, here’s a thought, why don’t they mend the existing road first?

    I hope I’m wrong. Perhaps it will turn out to be a pavement for pedestrians, or, praise be, a cycle lane. These would be brilliant, lifesaving, developments.

    Or perhaps it will be just what it looks like; a huge wide new space with no lane markings or regulation at all that will allow the countless bad drivers on Koh Chang to put the pedal to the metal with gleeful abandon and increase an already sickening road death toll? Because that is what happens in the end as a result of poor planning – people die.


    8 Room Bungalow Resort For Sale

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    Bungalow Resort for Sale in Klong Koi Beach

    Price: 2,500,000 Baht


    This charming resort is located in peaceful Klong Kloi Village and is just a 3 minute stroll to beautiful Klong Kloi Beach in Bang Bao Bay. This is a fast-growing area of Koh Chang and is developing steadily.

    The resort is set in a pretty garden and is surrounded by coconut trees and has views of the tropical evergreen mountains.

    There are 8 beautiful fan bungalows crafted from wood and traditional thatch, each with an en-suite bathroom including a basin, cold water shower and western flush toilet.

    The large restaurant has a traditional thatch roof and is set on 2 levels, the lower level has a concrete floor which has tables and chairs and a reading corner, the raised level is wooden and is eclectically decorated with wooden tables and traditional Thai pillows. There is a spacious well equipped kitchen, with staff room and toilet.

    The resort is built on approx. 2 Rai (3200 sqm) and has ample space left for further development of more bungalows and/or a pool.

    The existing lease on this land is 205000 baht and is payable each year or 3 years in advance. It may be possible to renegotiated the terms with the landlord.

    To find out more and to arrange a viewing then please contact us using the form below.

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      How to Buy Real Estate in Thailand

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      Buying Thailand Real Estate: A Guide for Foreign Investors

      how to buy real estate in thailandBuying property and land in Thailand can be a confusing and daunting experience for foreign investors.

      But it doesn’t have to be!

      As long as you do your homework you can make sure that buying your dream home in Thailand never becomes a nightmare. We have prepared this comprehensive guide to Thailand real estate to answer all of the questions that are most commonly asked by our foreign clients.
      We’re confident that below you will find the answers to your questions and that this will help to give you the confidence to go ahead and pursue your dream of owning a home, land or other property in Thailand.
      When you are then please feel free to browse our property listings.

      Download This FREE Guide With Special PDF Bonus Sections

      This is a big article but we’ve made it all simple and clear for you and it reads through logically.
      But if you want to jump right in to the bit that interests you most that’s cool with us and you can quickly navigate straight to the section you need below:


      Should I get a Lawyer for my Thailand Real Estate Purchase?

      Absolutely. Nothing is more important than this. The very best thing that you can do is get a good lawyer with experience in helping foreign investors purchase property. What may seem like an unnecessary expense in the short term is actually putting expertise on your side that can save you a fortune and a lot of trouble later on.

      We recommend that you consult a legal firm that specialises in property and specifically in foreign real estate transactions. Bangkok or Pattaya are places where local lawyers can be expected to have a lot of real estate experience, as well as fluency in English and other foreign languages.

      Recommendations are very good
      It is fantastic if you know someone whose opinion you value who has had experience with a Thai real estate purchase and can recommend a good lawyer.  Alternatively if you are dealing with a good real estate agency then they should be able to recommend good legal representation to you. We do.

      Or as another alternative you can search the web for feedback on a particular law firm or ask them directly for reviews or references. If they can’t provide these then it is reasonable to wonder why.

      Should I use a Property Agent?

      It helps! The disclaimer here is that we act as property agents so we’re unlikely to advise against using one. Are we? But here are three reasons why you should consider using an agent.

      1. Choice
        Good property agents know the local market conditions and can offer you a large selection of what is available as well as useful information about the local area that you might not find elsewhere.
      2. Expertise
        Property agents have lots of experience in the processes involved in transacting a sale and their help and advice can greatly simplify the process for you.
      3. Cost
        Using a property agent doesn’t normally cost you any more than not using an agent. The majority of quality properties for sale in Thailand are available at a fixed price. The agent’s fee is paid by the seller as a set percentage of this price, but the price doesn’t change if you go to the seller directly so it doesn’t cost the buyer any more to enlist the help of a property agent.

      The Thai Language Barrier?

      You probably can’t speak Thai, let alone read or write it. If you can then congratulations – that’s a great achievement – you can move straight on to the next section.

      But if you don’t understand the Thai language then don’t worry. Your lawyer and property agent will be able to help you through any spoken Thai issues you might have when you view a property and they will be also able to help to translate any questions and answers that you have for the owner.

      They can also help with the translation of any official papers and contracts realting to the purchase. And it is a very good idea indeed to obtain certified translations from your lawyer or elsewhere of any papers contracts that you are asked to sign.
      After all you would’nt agree to signing your name at the bottom of a form anywhere without reading it first would you?
      It is perfectly normal to request translations and if this proves to be an issue then it is quite reasonale to ask yourself why.

      What types of Thai Land and Property can Foreigners Own?

      1. Foreigners can own Thai apartments and condominiums in their own name. Certain conditions apply – but they are simple to understand – see below.
      2. Foreigners cannot own land, houses or any other types of Thai property and real estate in their own name.
        But fear not – all is not lost – in Thailand there is always a way.

      Foreign Ownership of Condominiums

      Foreign nationals can purchase and own apartments entirely in their own name. This is the case as long as Thai nationals own 51% of the overall floor space, by area, of the whole condominium.
      The units of any development that are available for full foreign ownership are often the most in demand and usually sell first in places that are popular with foreigners. If you’re thinking of buying an apartment or condo then one of your first questions should be whether they still have units available for full foreign ownership.

      The Funds Must Come From Overseas
      One of the key conditions related to the purchase by foreigners of Thai condominiums is that the funds for the full value of the property purchase must be brought in to Thailand from overseas in foreign currency. The bank that receives this cash transfer then converts it to Thai baht and issues a proof of the transaction that must be given to the relevant land office in order for the sale to be approved.
      Only foreigners who are permanent residents of Thailand are exempt from this rule.

      However if all of the 49% of foreign owned units in a development that you like have already been sold then you can still look to buy under one of the methods that are outlined for Thai land and property below.

      How Can Foreigners “Own” Thai Land and Property?

      There are a few common ways that are used by foreigners to purchase Thai Land and Property.

      The Risky Method: Put Everything in the name of a Thai Person

      We don’t usually advise this. The risks are obvious. Your “ownership” of the property is entirely at the whim of the Thai person in whose name you buy it.

      Often when people acquire property by this method the named owner is their spouse. The thing is that life is long and things can change over time. And the buyer’s spouse is the legal owner of the property – no debate. Be very aware of the inherent risks if you choose to buy property using this method.

      Some people add a little extra protection by using a Thai person’s name to purchase the land or house and then subsequently obtaining a long lease in their own name on the property. The drawbacks of this system are that it is slightly more complicated and a realistic rental fee must be charged and tax paid on the “rental” revenue. But it undeniably adds another layer of assurance.

      Another Risky Method: Buy through a Thai Limited Company Controlled by the Foreign Investor

      It is possible for foreign investors to establish a Thai company that will purchase and possess the land or house that they seek to buy.
      By law they must remain a minority (maximum 49%) shareholder in this company but in reality it is possible to exercise sole control over the company. This is performed through a variety of directorship appointment clauses and different types of shares and voting rights.

      The Thai government is however very clear on the fact that such foreign control of a Thai company is illegal and the law imposes strict penalties on people found to be acting as nominee shareholders on behalf of a foreign national.

      So since it isn’t legal we aren’t going to advise you to take this approach although it is worth mentioning that despite the law it is still a very commonly used method of “purchase”.

      A Safer Method: Buy the Property under a Long Lease

      This method has the great advantage of being legal. As a foreigner you can take out a 30 year lease on a property with the right to renew the lease twice. This can give you a total of 90 years control of the property which leaves plenty of time for you to enjoy the use of it.

      However you need to be aware that the lease period that is recognised and recorded with the Government Land Office is just for the first 30 years. The two lease renewals, whilst perfectly legal, are an agreement between the buyer and seller and after thirty years and sixty years these lease renewals must be re-registered at the land office.

      It is also possible and a good idea to insert a clause in the lease so that it passes on to your next of kin in the event of your death.

      Foreign Purchase and Ownership of a Thai Business or Company

      If you are planning to buy a Thai business or a piece of land or property held by a Thai company which is also being transferred as part of the sale then you need to know a little about the rules that apply to foreigners and Thai business holdings.

      Thailand defines a number of different types of business identity. Foreigners are allowed to own shares or parts of some of them. The most common type of business that is used by foreigners is the Thai Limited Company and we describe how these ownership rules apply below.

      Thai Limited Company

      Foreign ownership of Thai Limited Companies is allowed but is restricted to a maximum of 49% of the shares.
      A Thai limited company must have a minimum of three shareholders and at least one director. The company director/s can be Thai or foreign nationals.

      Many foreigners exert control over “their” Thai company through a combination of methods including holding sole directorship and controlling shareholders voting rights. As we mentioned previously most of these methods of taking full control of a company are illegal and to comply with the law shareholdings and control must be limited to 49% of the company. As their name suggests Thai Limited Companies have limited liability that is restricted to the value of their share capital so this form of business ownership is desirable in terms of reducing financial risk to the shareholders.

      Work Permits
      Once certain conditions are complied with then a foreigner employed by a Thai limited Company can obtain a work permit and work legally in Thailand. These conditions are listed below.

      • The company must have an issued share capital of at least 2 Million Baht.
      • The company must be VAT registered.
      • The company must employee at least four Thai employees each earning a minimum of 9,000 baht per month.
      • The employee must have a non-immigrant visa and comply with certain restrictions regarding type of job role and display evidence of experience.

      So if you plan to buy all or part of a Thai Limited Company make sure that you carefully plan your shareholdings and/or application for a work permit so that you comply with Thai law.

      Download This FREE Guide With Special PDF Bonus Sections

      What are the Different Types of Thai Land Title?

      Thailand has a confusing number of different types of land title. The government are making efforts to simplify the classification system but in the meantime let’s take you through the various types. For the sake of simplicity we’ll divide them into three sub-groups; Good, reasonable and poor.

      The Best Types of Thailand Land Title

      Chanote (โฉนด)

      The best and most secure of Thai land title deeds. The boundary markers of this land are measured by GPS and it provides a certificate of ownership of the land.

      Nor Sor Sam Gor (น.ส. 3 ก)

      The boundaries of land with this title deed are still fairly clear, being defined with reference to aerial surveys.

      A Reasonable Type of Thai Land Title

      Nor Sor Sam (น.ส. 3)

      The land boundaries for Nor Sor Sam are defined relative to those of neighbouring plots and errors are common. But it is still an assured title of land possession.

      Poor Thai Land Titles

      Por Bor Tor/Sor Kor (ภ.บ.ท. 5 / ส.ค.)

      These are effectively squatters land title that are given to people who have lived and farmed a piece of land for a number of years. Whilst a lot of land with these title deeds is commercially developed such development is all, strictly speaking, illegal. It is allowable for the land title holder build a personal home on this type of land.
      It is also not uncommon for the ownership of land with Por Bor Tor or Sor Kor title to be disputed.

      Note: The Thai government is gradually phasing out these confusing forms of land title so it is sometimes possible to apply to have one of these less secure forms of land title upgraded to Chanote. In practice this can take years and may never happen. If someone tells you that ‘their’ land will be upgraded then it is a good idea to wait until it has been and you have seen all the paperwork before going any further.
      However, when these types of land are eventually upgraded their values can increase greatly. So, if you are aware of the inherent risk and you are looking for potentially large gains from property speculation then it may be worth considering the gamble of buying property with a poor tittle deed in the hope of large gains in the future. Remember the risks though!

      Summary: It is probably best to only consider land with Chanote, Nor Sor Sam Gor or, at a pinch, Nor Sor Sam land title.

      What are Thai Land Measures and their Western Equivalents?

      In Thailand Land is measured in Rai, Ngan and Wah (in descending order of size).

      There are 100 Wah in a Ngan and 4 Ngan in a Rai – so there’s 400 Wah in a Rai.

      These correspond to the metric and imperial land areas that you’re likely more used to in the following way;



      What are the Taxes on the Purchase and Sale of Thai Land and Property?

      The buying and selling of properties in Thailand is subject to a number of different taxes and charges. Consult the table below for a quick summary and read our notes about each of the various taxes to get a better picture of which of these taxes may apply to your property purchase or sale. Of course it is important to have an idea of the amount of tax that you’ll need to pay and factor that into your budgeting and thinking.

      It is also an important part of any property transaction to agree whether the buyer or seller will assume liability for the transfer fee tax where applicable.

      Commercial Value and Government Value
      The Thai Government uses two measures of property value when calculating tax. These two definitions can appear confusing but are actually quite straightforward.

      The Commercial Value of a property is the price it is being sold at. The Transfer Fee and any Withholding Tax payable on the property transfer will use this value as a basis of calculation.

      The Government Value of a property is the value that is assigned to it by the local land office. In practise this can often be much lower than the commercial value. The Stamp Duty and the Specific Business Tax payable on a property are calculated using this figure as a base.

      Your lawyer will be able to find out the government value of the property as part of your due diligence process and then you’ll be able to figure out the total tax relating to the purchase.

      summary of thai property tax rates and calculation

      Transfer Fee

      The Transfer Fee on a property sale is currently calculated as 2% of the Commercial value of the property.

      Lease Registration Fee

      A Lease Registration Fee is (obviously!) only payable on the establishment of a leasehold on land or property.
      It is calculated at 1% of the value of the lease.

      Specific Business Tax

      The sale of property and real estate in Thailand is subject to Specific Business Tax.
      It is currently charged at a rate of 3% of the Government value of the property.
      However, an extra municipality tax of 0.3% is charged in addition to the Specific Business Tax so the total tax levied is 3.3%.

      Stamp Duty

      Stamp duty is payable on both property sales and leashold transfers.
      It is charged at a rate of 0.5% of the government value of the land or at 0.1% in the case of a lease.

      Withholding Tax

      Company: If the property in question is being sold by a company then withholding tax is deducted at a rate of 1% of the higher of the Commercial Value and the Government Value.

      Individual: If the property is being sold by an individual then withholding tax is deducted at a rate of between 5% and 35% on a rising scale depending on the amount of revenue received. The amount of the revenue that is subject to withholding tax is reduced on a scale based on the number of years that the property has been occupied.

      How Can I Perform Due Diligence on a Thailand Property Purchase?

      It is your responsibility as the buyer of any property, land or business to take reasonable steps to make sure that you conduct a full appraisal of the property before completing the transaction. This process is termed Due Diligence. Basically you need to make sure that everything is as it seems to be and that there isn’t anything that you don’t know that would adversely affect you wanting to buy it.

      Here is where your lawyer will really earn their money. They will be able to verify the legal aspects of the property or business and report back to you.
      You can also enlist the assistance of your real estate agent who you can expect to offer their local expertise to help you identify any due diligence checks that are specific to the local area. Be sure to ask them.

      Below we offer a by no means exhaustive list of due diligence checks that you might want to perform to ensure that all is as it should be.

      • Check land title deed and ownership at the local land office.
      • Ensure there are no ongoing legal disputes regarding the ownership of the land.
      • Find out the “Government value” of the property from the local land office. Then all the taxes associated with the transfer of the property can be calculated.
      • Check that any structures on the property have been built with adequate planning permission. If you plan to build more on the property then ensure that permission has been or can be granted for your requirements.
      • Check any local and national laws relating to the property or business that you are purchasing. In particular check whether any recent legislation has any bearing on the purchase.
      • If you’re buying a business visit it when you’re not expected. You’ve heard the stories of bars and restaurants that are suddenly full of the owner’s friends when the buyer visits. It’s much better to take a look at the place under everyday conditions.
      • Obtain and carefully check any audited accounts and find out all you can about the current conditions in the industry of the business.
      • Ask around the local area about the property, local knowledge is a valuable tool.
      • Noisy neighbours? Check the area surrounding the property at different times for any unsociable noises, smells and the like from nearby.
      • Flood and fire risk. Parts of Thailand are very flat and prone to flooding, check that the property is not at risk.
      • Water and electricity. Ensure that the property has a good and sustainable water supply and that it has an adequate electricity connection for your usage needs.


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      How Can I Get a Long Term Visa for Thailand?

      There’s no point buying a home in Thailand if you can’t live in it is there?

      Part of your planning should involve making sure that you are able to get a Thailand visa that lets you stay for as long as you need to, when you need to.

      The table below summarises  the various types of Thai visa that are available and below that we give you some more detail about each type so that you can identify and then obtain the one most appropriate to your needs.

      summary of thai visa categories

      Tourist Visa

      Thailand limits the amount of time that you can stay in the country on a tourist visa to a maximum of six months. If you plan to buy a property as a holiday home, or only to stay for a few months at a time this might be sufficient for you. You can get this long-stay tourist visa from your nearest embassy or consulate. It costs 5,000 baht and consists of a multiple entry visa allowing stays of 60 days at a time. So you will need to leave Thailand every sixty days  and then return to begin the second and then third sixty day parts of the visa.

      Retirement Visa – Non Immigrant O-A

      If you or your spouse is over 50 you are entitled to apply for a retirement visa that allows you to stay in Thailand on a renewable one year visa. The financial conditions that apply involve having to keep 800,000 baht in a Thai bank for at least three months prior to the visa application. An alternative to this financial obligation is to get proof from your embassy of non-Thai income of at least 65,000 Baht per month.

      Business Visa – Non Immigrant B

      Obtaining a business visa is what you need to do if you plan to obtain a work permit that allows you to work in Thailand. The process is involved and beyond the scope of this article. Suffice to say that it is complicated and you should really only go for this type of visa if you plan to work full time.

      Marriage/Dependency Visa – Non Immigrant O

      If you have a Thai spouse and/or child you can obtain this visa that allows you to stay in Thailand permanently, one year at a time. You need to prove that you have had 400,000 Baht in a Thai bank account for a period of three months proper to the visa application or to show Thai income of at least 50,000 Baht per month.

      Thailand Elite Visa

      The Thai Government has a “bad guys out, good guys in” policy with regard to their visa and immigration laws. As you might imagine “good guys” is broadly synonymous with “rich guys” and so you can buy a Thailand Elite visa which allows you to come and go as you please and gives you a 20 year visa. Fantastic, but what’s the catch? Well it costs 2,000,000 Baht. This obviously puts it out of range of all but the very wealthy.
      However there is a second category of Thailand elite membership which allows the buyers of certain properties entry to the scheme. This is a significant benefit to ownership and it is worth checking whether the property that you are interested in allows entry to the scheme as an inducement to buy. The 20 year visa only lasts whilst you own the property to which it is linked and it can be transferred once to another foreign buyer so this adds to the potential resale appeal and value of the property.

      Thailand Permanent Residency

      Obtaining permanent residency to Thailand is a complicated and involved process and strict control is kept over the number of applications that are granted every year. Each foreign country is allowed a maximum of 100 permanent residencies each year so if you come from a country that has a large number of expatriates living in Thailand then your chances of applying will be greatly reduced.
      In order to qualify you need to have held a non-immigrant Thai visa for a continuous period of over five years so the best bet is to obtain one of those and then after five years you can, if you like, look into applying for permanent residency in Thailand.

      It is worth mentioning that even if you have permanent residency in Thailand this doesn’t change the laws about Thai land ownership.
      In fact the only property related benefit that is given by holding permanent residency to Thailand is that if you buy an apartment under foreign ownership you aren’t required to bring in the funds from overseas, they can be transferred from a Thai bank account.

      Download This FREE Guide With Special PDF Bonus Sections

      References/Further Reading

      Below are the sources we used in writing this guide as well as some other useful links relating to Thailand real estate. They offer some useful further reading should you require it.



      We’ve done our utmost to make sure all of the information presented in this article is clear and accurate. But for legal purposes we’re obliged to point out that we can’t be held responsible for any errors or omissions in this guide. Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

      Back to the start?


      Bar 1-2-3

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      Bar 1-2-3

      Bar 1-2-3 Koh ChangBar 1-2-3 is a new place in a great location opposite Flora I Talay Resort at Chai Chet Beach. It is situated next to a stream and a small lake and is just 50 metres from sandy Chai Chet beach. The bar itself offers all manner of beers, wines and cocktails and serves food all day.

      There’s a friendly welcome from the English owner and if you’re interested in fishing this is one of the best places on the island to find out where to go and what to catch.

      You can play pool for free on their new high quality table and, of course, they have free WiFi.

      Bar 1-2-3 Koh Chang
      Chai Chet Beach
      Opp. Flora I Talay Resort and Koh Chang Resort


      SOLD Klong Prao Bar for Sale

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      Bar for Sale in Klong Prao

      A bar has come up for sale in Klong Prao village at a price of 1,500,000 Baht. The bar will come with a new lease – directly with the landlord on a new 3+ 3+ 3 – totalling nine years.

      Electricity is obtained directly (and cheaply) from the government. Water cost is only 200B per month. Rent is 120,000 per annum.

      This bar is a turnkey project and the new owner can start immediately. It is situated in a great location – roadside, in the centre of Klong Prao village. One of the main attractions of the place is that in the back there is a swimming pool. And behind this is a stage/classroom/possible living space. Everything that you can see in the bar is included in the price: tables, chairs, glasses, umbrellas, LG sound system, lights etc…. Kitchen is operational and again – everything that’s there is included in the price.

      The bar has a fiber-optic wifi connection which is fully operational. The premises are fully licensed for food, foreign & domestic alcohol and cigarettes – until the end of  2015

      The owner is reluctant to sell but their main business is demanding priority. This is a fantastic bar with so much potential – there is not another one that looks like this on KC.

      So if you’d like to take a look or get more information then please contact us below.

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        OFF MARKET Backpacker Resort in Lonely Beach

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        This large resort in Lonely Beach has now been reduced from 15 Million to Just 8 Million Baht for a quick sale. At this price it represents an amazingly excellent opportunity. If we had the money we’d buy it!!

        There are 25 Bungalows in the resort nine of which are concrete and sixteen are made of wood. There is a large restaurant and bar area as well as a busy roadside minimart and neighbouring massage shop, both of which provide additional income.Water is supplied by the resort’s own well.
        The Resort is located just 30m from the seafront and 500m from a sandy beach. This central location has good infrastructure and it is situated in a busy nightlife area with lots of walk by trade.

        There is plenty of opportunity for further business development with plenty of free space along the roadside.

        A new long term rental contract can be negotiated with Landlord.


         To view the resort or get in touch with the owner then please send us a message using the form below.

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          OFF MARKET: Chai Chet Restaurant – Now 900,000 Baht

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          Reduced from 2M to 900,000B for a Quick Sale

          This is one for bargain hunters. The owner of this restaurant needs to relocate urgently and has reluctantly been forced to slash the price of this long running business. It represents a great opportunity to walk into a running business.

          This large well-established restaurant is located in a popular plaza in the centre of the resort area of Chai Chet at the north end of Klong Prao beach. The business occupies two large units and has extensive infdoor aqnd outdoor seating. There is a bar with a pool table and a full kitchen that has been recently renovated.

          There are two separate apartments upstairs that are suitable for owner and staff accommodation or which could be used for rental. The place is for sale as a going concern that is ready-to-run with all fixtures and fittings including: Pool Table, flatscreen TV, fridges, a large imported BBQ, and all tables and chairs and fixtures and fittings.

          The restaurant is a busy and profitable business that enjoys a good reputation on the island. Rent is 152,000 per year on a long term rolling lease.

          If you are interested to know more then get in touch and we’ll put you in touch with the owners and we’ll be happy to arrange a viewing for you if you are heading Koh Chang way.

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            New Map Test

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            [pdf width=”600px” height=”1750px”]http://www.koh-chang-guide.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Test-White-Sand-Beach-Map-N-52.pdf[/pdf]


            SOLD Five Bed House For Sale on Koh Mak – 13.9M Baht

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            A gorgeous 5-bedroom house with a huge 3,350 sqm. private garden on Koh Mak, Thailand’s last island paradise.

            This imposing three-story, two-wing property is of classical Thai design and has a built area of 492 sqm.

            Features include open-plan living and dining, a steep pitch “temple roof”, seven verandas and balconies and a large teak sala nestled in the glorious grounds.

            The very large, lush and lovingly tended lawns and gardens – more than two rai of land – would normally accommodate three or more large houses, but here are for the sole enjoyment of the owners. Twelve types of tropical fruit and dozens for varieties of flowers thrive in the verdant grounds. Floors, facings and front and back veranda are of teak.

            The property stands alone on its plot, not part of a resort. Its tall structure has commanding views and benefits from the sea breeze all year, and its stunning design and spectacular gardens combine to make it one of the most noted properties on Koh Mak.

            The property is now offered at a reduced price of 13.9m baht. The owner currently rents the house when he is not resident himself, through its own website and commercial sites like Airbnb and Trip Advisor etc. Assuming an occupancy rate of 66%, at current rates this yields a gross annual return of 7.75% on the sale price. The website, and other marketing materials, will be the property of the purchaser.

            A swimming beach with sunset views is a 200m walk from the grounds, with one excellent restaurant at the end of the garden and other restaurants, shops and resorts close by.

            The chanote title is freehold held through an audited company which can be part of the sale price. Alternatively, the property may sold without the company. Leasehold may also be arranged.

            If you are interested in this property then please contact us below.

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              OFF MARKET Hummingbird Residence

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              Hummingbird Residence is the newest residential development on Koh Chang and offers some competitively priced and affordable dwellings. It comprises a luxury boutique residential complex of three separate buildings with a total of only 40 fully furnished units. The apartments all have large balconies and gardens. There are also private plunge pools and private parking in buildings B and C. The development is located on a hillside in Bang Bao Bay on the beautiful island of Koh Chang. It is just 200 meters from the sea and offers stunning sea views overlooking Bang Bao Bay and south to Koh Klum, Koh Wai and Koh Mak islands. There are beautiful secluded sandy beaches nearby and the development is just a five minute stroll from the traditional Thai fishing village of Bang Bao – with its restaurants, shopping and other facilities.

              Hummingbird Residence Koh Chang

              Project Owner/Developer:   Hummingbird Co., Ltd.
              Property Type:   Condominiums and Apartments
              Builder: K.E.C Koh Chang Engineering & Construction
              Location: Bang Bao Bay, Koh Chang Island, Trat province, Thailand
              Land area: 3.25 Rai  (5,200 sqm.)
              Total units: 40 fully furnished units in 3 separate buildings
              Type and size of units: Building A: 28 Studio units, size 36 sqm to 44 sqm (not including balcony/private garden)
              Building B: 4 units of 1 bedroom and 2 units of 2 bedroom, size 54 sqm to 87 (not including balcony/private garden)
              Building C: 4 units of 1 bedroom and 2 units of 2 bedroom, size 54 sqm to 87 (not including balcony/private garden)
              Parking:Buildings B and C private parking
              Building A: common parking
              Construction Period: 18-24 Months
              Prices: From 3.8 MB to 11.1 MB
              Maintenance Fee: 70 Thai Baht per square meter, per month (paid yearly)
              *Sinking Fund: 600 Thai Baht per sqm paid at once on the date of transferring Title deed.
              *Sinking Fund is reserved for major renovations and replacement of equipment when necessary of the common Areas.
              The aim of this fund is to ensure the maintenance of the buildings and ultimately its future value.

              Rental Pool: Hummingbird Residence management company will have rental pool for unit owners who do not have time to manage rentals.
              The fee for this service will be available after project completion.

              Units & Prices

              Hummingbird Residence Koh Chang Facilities

              Restaurant and bar
              Swimming pool
              Gym & spa
              Relaxation treatment floating pool (using minerals and salt from The Dead Sea)
              Cable TV
              Wi-Fi internet access
              24-Hour security
              Private plunge pools (Building B and C)
              Maintenance of common areas, landscape, swimming pools and building exteriors

              To arrange a viewing or find out more about this project please get in touch with us below.

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                OFF MARKET: House Near Klong Plu Waterfall

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                This house will be ideal for those who are looking for something a little different. It is a completely isolated residence that is located across the river from the road that runds up to Klong Plu waterfall in Klong Prao, Koh Chang. It is located in a large garden in the midst of the jungle on the hillside behind the river. And that’s that – no neighbours and total peace and quiet. To access the dwelling you need to cross the river. For much of the year water is low and the river is easily forded by a 4 wheel drive but during the rains you’ll need to get a boat across. If this sounds daunting rather than exciting then this listing isn’t for you but for those with a sense of adventure there really isn’t anything else on Koh Chang in such an isolated natural setting. But having siad that since the property is on the busier west coast of the island it is only a few minutes from shops, supermarkets, restaurants and bars – and of course the beaches.

                The house is a large two story structure that has access to its own well and electricity supply. The property is held under a long lease that has another 21 years remaining and is priced to sell at 700,000 Baht.

                If you’d like us to arrange to view the house then please contact us below.

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                  Large House on Koh Mak

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                  This large house on 1.2 Rai of Chanote title land on Koh Mak has just become available. It is a unique property with lots of potential either as a residential dwelling or as a holiday apartment/guesthouse business.
                  It is a very large and expensively constructed building that has a total floor space of 260 square metres. One of the principal advantages of the structure is that it consists of four separate self contained apartments each with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and terrace – that would be ideal for holiday rentals. It is centrally located on Koh Mak beside the turning that leads down to Koh Mak Resort.

                  The house is situated in a large scenic and well-tended garden.
                  The price has now been reduced to 9.3 million baht – including 1,850 square metres of Chanote land – and is exceptionally reasonable and overall the property provides an unique and excellent opportunity.

                  If you would like to arrange a viewing or to get in direct contact with the owners then please contact us using the form below.

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                    SOLD: East Coast Beachfront Land

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                    This plot of beachside land on the East Coast is particularly desirable because it is beside one of the few sandy beaches on that side of the island. The land extends between the main road and the beach and enjoys 20 metres of direct beach frontage. Improvements that have been made include infilling with 1.3 Million baht of soil so that the land is protected from flooding and high tides. A second access road has also been added.

                    The land is held under a Thai registered company and this can be transferred to the purchasor as a free extra if required.
                    The land is held under a Chanote title deed (available for inspection by serious enquirers). You could build a medium sized resort on this plot (2,700sqm. is big), or make a housing project, or just a big old mansion for yourselves!

                    The property is priced at 11.5 Million Baht.

                    So if you would like to get in touch with the owner, or to view the land then just get in touch with us below.

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                      West Coast Beachfront Land & Resort

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                      This land and bungalow resort that has recently come onto the market is situated is in an absolute beachfront location at Pearl Beach, which lies between White Sand Beach and Chai Chet Beach in the heart of Koh Chang’s most popular tourist area. The resort has been operating for twelve years, has a high ranking on TripAdvisor and a great deal of its business comes from repeat customers.

                      The most attractive feature of this resort is that it includes a piece of Chanote titled beachfront land as well. Where most resorts are available as leashold only here you get to own the land as well under the best land title available in thailand. The land area is 960 square metres with 20 metres of absolute beachfront and is in the form of an attractive tree-shaded landscaped garden that slopes down to the sea. There are three air-conditioned bungalows and a two bedroom house that proves very popular with holidaying families.

                      So you could step in and run the business immediately or, alternatively, the land would be a fantastic location for that dream beach villa you’ve always wanted.

                      The resort and land is priced at 18,999,000 Baht.

                      The owner would like to hear from serious enquiries only please so if you would like to know more or arrange a viewing then please get in touch with us via the contact form below.

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                        The Garden

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                        Thai/ Western

                        Restaurant and Bar with pool table at this comfortable and centrally placed hotel in the middle of Kai Bae village.



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                        A bar in the centre of Kai Bae with a rock theme: large screens showing classic concerts, regular live music, Pizza, Burgers and all kinds of drinks.


                        Tiger’s Den

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                        Friendly and popular beach bar. Cocktails and a happy hour as well as live sport.


                        Diving Page Images

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