August (just!)

kong-goi-beach-koh-changSo as the 48th issue of the Koh Chang Guide goes off to our printer we breath a forty-eighth sigh of relief, pause for a moment – and then begin to catch up on all the other stuff that's been on hold while we made it. And a website update is our first step. It helps a little bit that, to be honest, not a huge amount of newsworthy stuff has happened on Koh Chang in the meantime. There's been some heavy rain, as you'd expect in the midst of a monsoon – but we are currently in one of the sunny intervals. So we can complain about it being too hot instead of too wet. As you can see Kong Goi beach in Bang Bao looks pretty inviting.

One thing that did happen was a wrestling match between a Python and a King Cobra that briefly put a stop to traffic in Lonely Beach the other day. Filmed and put on Facebook by San Smith of Koh Chang Himmel Bar you can see the initial fight here where the much smaller Python seems to be trying to choke the life out of the Cobra. The stalemate is broken in the second piece of footage here as the two snakes are separated by a Thai guy who is far braver than me. Fascinating stuff.

klong plu river valley koh chang

klong plu waterfall koh changWe visited the waterfall at Klong Plu a couple of weeks ago during one of the rainiest weeks we've had. The water level was very high and swimming up the channel to the waterfall itself was impossible due to the speed of the current. But the main pool is a lovely cool place for a swim – especially when the sea is too rough. There is also a short "jungle trek" that you can do as well. A path leads from across the road behind the buildings at the entrance to the national park up over the hill for a kilometre or so and takes you out onto the main path a short way from the waterfall itself. The path is good and whilst bits of the walk are pretty steep it's not too long. And it does take you into an isolated bit of jungle that very few visitors end up seeing. Dark, foresty and very atmospheric, it is worth the effort in our opinion.

bang bao pier roof koh changIn other news the new roof over Bang Bao pier approaches completion. It's not very ugly, it's not very beautiful – it's just a roof. If you walk down the pier in the rain you'll stay dry. Some decent seating areas have also been put in down  towards the end of the pier.

We've put up some new real estate and businesses for sale too:
There is a large backpacker bungalow resort for sale in Lonely Beach.
And a rare piece of beach land close to White Sand Beach together with a bungalow resort.
And a bargain restaurant & bar in Kai Bae for Just 300,000 Baht.



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