Natcha Tour

Natcha Tour is a Thai original boat rental company on Koh Chang. They specialize in organizing snorkeling and fishing boat trips, leisure boat trips, and island cruise boat trips. They design all boat trip programs to the specific requirements of individual customers. Natcha tour aim to help you to have a wonderful private boat trip.

Their main office is in Bang Bao fishing village in the South of Koh Chang. Natcha Tour offer their customers a choice of boat ranging from wooden boats to speed boats, and with a variety of different sizes. GPS and Underwater sound equipment are available on the wooden boats. All the boats are equipped with well-maintained snorkeling equipment, fishing gear, and on board safety. A normal trip would typically include free pick-up, buffet lunch, drinking water, coffee, fruits, and snorkeling guide. Their prices are set according to the number of participants, the trip route and any special requirements.

A very popular program for trips on their wooden boats is an overnight camping boat trip to “the secret island.”  Another highlight is a trip by speed boat.

They can also arrange to photograph the boat trip for those who, for example, would like to take albums of beach views or honeymoons.

Your boat trip can be any of the following: Half-Day Trip, Full-Day Trip, Two Days One Night Trip, Three Days wo nights trip. Island hopping trips between Koh Rang, Koh Wai, Koh Laoya, Koh Mak, Koh Kradad and Koh Kood are offered by Nutch tour. You will have the trip not all days should be the same.

Contact information

Nutcha Tour Koh Chang
Main office;
Bang Bao pier 15/2 Moo.1 Banbangbao, Koh Chang, Trat 23170

Tel +66 (0)89.099.4030
Tel +66 (0)89.899.0806