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Health on Koh Chang

A visit to Koh Chang does not present any major health risks as long as you take some basic precautions. The first advice is to make sure that you travel with health insurance. Standards of health care in Thailand are generally very good but costs in private hospitals can be high. But as long as you’re insured you don’t have to worry about that.

Most health issues that you are likely to encounter are minor such as sunburn. Pack and use sunscreen and you won’t have any problems there.
The region has Malaria and Dengue Fever, both of which are caused by mosquito bites, although cases are very rare. Use insect repellent.

Thailand is becoming a very popular choice for medical tourism because the good standards of healthcare combined with charges that are much lower than in Europe or particularly the USA. Many people are now travelling here for the purpose of elective or cosmetic medical or dental procedures. And of course you get a nice holiday into the bargain.


In the event of a medical emergency after normal ferry hours contact the Ko Chang International Clinic call centre on 039-551-555 or Bangkok Trat Hospital on 039-532-735. They can arrange for emergency evacuation by boat and ambulance to Trat.
The main police station on Koh Chang is at Dan Mai. They can be contacted on 039-586-191. There are also police stations in White Sands Beach (Tel. 039-551-544) and in Chai Chet, Kai Bae and Bailan Beach. Alternatively the Tourist Police can be contacted on 039-557-382/3 or 1155.

Koh Chang Hospitals and Clinics

Koh Chang International Clinic, part of the Bangkok Hospital group, (039-5511-51 or is located on White Sands Beach. They are open 24 hours a day.
There is a small hospital in Koh Chang just south of where the mainland ferry arrives (Phone – 039 586 131/160). Khlong Son, Kai Bae, Khlong Prao and Bang Bao also have small clinics.

Trat has 2 larger hospitals:
Bangkok Trat Hospital is a private institution with good facilities. It isn’t cheap but it is recommended, especially if you have health insurance, in the event of any major accidents or emergencies (039-532-735).
Trat Hospital (039-511-040/1) is a government run hospital in Dan Mai on the East Coast of Koh Chang about 5km South of the ferries.

Increasingly people are using their holidays in Thailand to get dental work done. Dentists here are as good as in the rest of the world and charge a fraction of the prices in Europe and the US. Koh Chang Dental Clinic in Klong Prao has a good reputation and can be contacted on 086-320-0702.

Thailand is also a great place to buy prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses since prices are much lower than back in Europe or elsewhere. You will find a great number of optical shops in all of the island’s shopping areas.

Animal Health Services

Koh Chang is fortunate to have a non-profit organisation devoted to animal welfare. The Koh Chang Animal Project, currently awaiting foundation status, offers all kinds of inoculations and veterinary services from their clinic in Klong Son on the road leading to Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp. You can contact the Foundation on 089-042-2347 or online at Donations are gratefully accepted and always put to good use.

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