Banks and Communications

Banks & Foreign Exchange

Koh Chang now has ATMs all over the place so withdrawing cash is no problem. There are also lots of banks and foreign exchange offices at the main beaches. These days some of them, notably Bangkok Bank and Krung Thai bank, are also open on weekends. Various hotels and guesthouses will change both traveller’s cheques and cash but the rates offered are lower than the banks. Many resorts and restaurants also accept credit card payments but the often charge an extra few percent.


Internet & WiFi

Most places to stay on Koh Chang offer free WiFi and if you are in one of the few that doesn’t then a large number of shops and cafes do. Connection speeds aren’t amazingly quick by international standards but they aren’t too bad either.

If you do need them then you’ll find that Koh Chang has several internet cafes offering net access from 1-2 B per minute via reasonably quick connections connections. See the maps for locations.


The island’s main Post Office is at Pearl Beach. There is also smaller post office at the beginning of the pier in Bang Bao.
Postage rates are reasonable. A small postcard to any country is 12B and large postcards are 15B.  Air-mail letters start at 14 Baht and increase depending on destination and size. The post office will not send letters with stamps of insufficient value so it is best to get them weighed and stamped in the post office to be sure that they will be delivered.

NB: If you are receiving mail on Koh Chang or giving somebody a postal address on Koh Chang then please note that there is real confusion over the house and business numbering system on the island. House number 222 might many kilometres away from house number 223 since numbers are given out in date order. To give your post a better chance of reaching its intended address then the post office have asked us to stress that you should include the beach or village name of the place you are sending mail to. Thus our address is White Sand Publications, 222/12 Moo 4, Pearl Beach, Koh Chang, Trat, 23170.


Local and national phone calls can be made at several of the resorts and businesses on the island (10B/min local or 40B/min international are typical prices). There are international phone terminals on most of the main beaches. You can use Skype at some of the internet cafes.

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