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This section aims to cover many of the things you are going to need to know to make your stay here easy and convenient. If you can’t find what you are looking for here then you might want to check out our archives section which has in depth features about all kinds of things like Koh Chang’s history, Thai Food and loads of other stuff.


Southeast Thailand and Koh Chang only has three seasons, a cooler dry period that runs from November to December, a hot season from january to May and a wet season from June to October. Temperatures are coolest from November to December with daily maximums averaging around 30C. Just before the wet season this can rise to the high thirties.

It can rain heavily in the wet season but rainfall is by no means constant and sunny days are still common. All the resorts and facilities on Koh Chang remain open and this can be a good time to visit for those seeking a quieter holiday. The busiest time for visitors to the region is December to April.

We go into a lot more detail about Koh Chang Weather on our Koh Chang Weather Page.

Tourist Information

There is a Tourist authority of Thailand (TAT) office in Laem Ngop.
Information on Koh Chang National Park can be obtained from the National Parks offices in Laem Ngop or from their offices at Koh Chang.

Health & Medical Facilities

Koh Chang International Clinic, part of the Bangkok Hospital group, (039-551-555 or www.kohchanginterclinic.com) is located on White Sands Beach. They are open 24 hours a day. Service is good but it costs.
There is a small hospital in Koh Chang just south of where the mainland ferry arrives (Phone – 039 586 131/160). Klong Son, Kai Bae, Klong Prao and Bang Bao also have small clinics.

Trat has two large hospitals. Bangkok Trat Hospital is a private institution, which has excellent facilities and is recommended, especially to those with travel insurance, in the event of any major accidents or emergencies (039-532-735). Trat Hospital is a government run institution and offers generally good treatment, but longer waits. (039-511-040/1).

The region has some Malaria although cases are extremely rare. Dengue fever is also a slight risk. The locals don’t take prophylactics but the choice is yours.

Increasingly people are using their holidays in Thailand to have dental work done. Dentists here are as good as in the rest of the world and charge a fraction of the prices in Europe and the US. Now you can use the Koh Chang Dental Clinic or Baan More Fun Dentist in Trat to get your teeth healthy. Contacts are 086-320-0702 and 039-557-235.

Similarly Thailand is a good place to buy prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses since prices are much lower than back in Europe or elsewhere. You will find a great number of optical shops in all of the island’s shopping areas.

Animal Health Services

Koh Chang has a non-profit organisation devoted to animal welfare. The Koh Chang Animal Project offers all kinds of inoculations and veterinary services from their clinic in Klong Son on the road leading to Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp. You can contact the Foundation on 089-042-2347 or online at www.kohchanganimalfoundation.org. Donations are gratefully accepted and always put to good use.
There is also a vet in Chai Chet who provides a good service (039-551-674).


In the event of a medical emergency after normal ferry hours contact the Ko Chang International Clinic call centre on 039-551-555 or Bangkok Trat Hospital on 039-532-735. They can arrange for emergency evacuation by boat and ambulance to Trat.

The main police station on Koh Chang is at Dan Mai. They can be contacted on 039-586-191. There are also police stations in White Sands Beach (Tel. 039-551-544) and in Chai Chet, Kai Bae and Bailan Beach. Alternatively the Tourist Police can be contacted on 039-557-382/3 or 1155.

Banks & Foreign Exchange

Koh Chang has ATMs all over the place so withdrawing cash is no problem. There are also lots of banks and foreign exchange offices at the main beaches. Some of them, notably Bangkok Bank and Krung Thai bank, are also open on weekends and foreign exchange booths often open until 8pm. Various hotels and guesthouses will change both traveller’s cheques and cash but the rates offered are lower than the banks. Many resorts and restaurants also accept credit card payments but they often charge an extra three percent processing fee.


WiFi is now pretty universal on Koh Chang. If your resort doesn’t have it then ask them why not. Many restaurants and bars also have wireless connections. Since we’re on an island the service can be poor so if you are told that the internet is down then it probably is – usually not for too long though. Koh Chang also has a dwindling number of internet cafes offering net access for the few of you still travelling without laptops, iPads or smartphones.

The island’s main Post Office is at Pearl Beach. There is also smaller post office at the beginning of the pier in Bang Bao.
Postage rates are reasonable. A small postcard to any country is 12B and large postcards are 15B.  Air-mail letters start at 14 Baht and increase depending on destination and size. The post office will not send letters with stamps of insufficient value so it is best to get them weighed and stamped in the post office to be sure that they will be delivered.

NB: If you are receiving mail on Koh Chang or giving somebody a postal address on Koh Chang then please note that there is real confusion over the house and business numbering system on the island. House number 222 might be a long way away from house number 223 since numbers are given out in date order. To give your post a better chance of reaching its intended address then you should include the beach or village name of the place you are sending mail to. Thus our address is White Sand Publications, 222/12 Moo 4, Pearl Beach, Koh Chang, Trat, 23170.

Immigration & Visas

Passport holders from 42 countries are not required to obtain a visa to enter Thailand for tourism purposes and will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom for a period of not exceeding 30 days. Visitors entering the Kingdom at land border immigration checkpoints will be allowed to stay for only 15 days. The regional immigration office is located at Laem Ngop. The location is marked on the Koh Chang Map. They can deal with visa extensions and other queries here. If you have a 30 Day Visa for Thailand you can extend this for to 30 days. You can also get a 30 day extension on a two month visa. These extensions cost 1,900 Baht each. Phone 039-597-261/265. A visa overstay will cost you 500 Baht per day and payment is a relatively routine process as you leave the country.

summary of thai visa categories

NOTE: The Thai government have recently implemented a new tourist visa permitting stays of up to six months. This costs 5,000 Baht and is available from your local Thai embassy or consulate. It is a multiple entry visa so you will need to leave and re-enter Thailand every 60 days but despite this it is very useful if you are planning a longer stay in the Kingdom.

Environmental Protection

Please remember that you are in a national park. Avoid littering and leave Koh Chang as beautiful as you found it. If you would like to help with keeping Koh Chang clean then visit the Facebook page of a local group that is working to do something about and maybe volunteer a little time to helping to preserve paradise. The page is at

As the island develops, there are inevitably issues with litter, pollution and destruction of natural resources. If you see any such transgressions then we suggest that you report them to either the national park office or to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Or stick them on a Koh Chang Facebook page. What you say can have a big impact!

Still need more information? Then check out our detailed pages below.

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