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Getting Around on Koh Chang

cycling on koh changOn Koh Chang white share taxis run between the ferry terminals and all the west coast beaches beaches as far down the road as Bang Bao 6:30 am until late evening. They can be flagged down anywhere and used to travel around the island. If you are planning to return to your hotel late at night don’t rely on the taxis since evening services are a bit erratic. Either book a taxi yourself or take advantage of the transport services that are increasingly being offered around Koh Chang by many of the hotels, bars and restaurants on the island.

Alternatively cars, motorcycles and bicycles can be hired from many hire firms and resorts all around Koh Chang. Car hire is in the region of 1,000 Baht a day and motorbike hire is 150-250B. Or you can rent decent Bicycles from the several of the island’s resorts and travel agents, notably from Flora I talay Resort in Chai Chet and The Chill in Kai Bae.

The island’s roads are of variable quality and there are some dangerous hill sections around Koh Chang. If you are an inexperienced motorcycle rider then think carefully before hiring a motorbike. Every year the island has quite a few road deaths and many visitors have their trip spoiled by a motorcycle accident. If you don’t wear a helmet the local police will be waiting to fine you. Also if you are planning to hire a motorbike ensure that it is covered in your travel insurance since many policies only cover you if you have a full motorbike license.

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