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Koh Chang to Cambodia

If you’re travelling from Cambodia to Koh Chang then you can now get to Koh Chang (or at least the ferry departure points) via daily minibus services from Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Siem Reap. Services go from Koh Chang the other way too. It’s cheap but a long day of travelling. From reports that we have received differences in the price of a ticket often mean differences in the quality of the service so it might be worth a slightly more expensive ticket to save you a hassle filled journey.

Alternatively if you want to make the journey independently then head for the border crossing at Hat Lek, close to the Cambodian town of Koh Kong. Koh Kong is a sleepy border town that is nevertheless worth visiting if you have some time. If you are in the mood for some intrepid exploring there are lots of uninhabited islands nearby and you aren’t far south of the Cardomom Mountains which are full of pristine rain forest and are a World Heritage listed site.

One month Thai visas can be obtained for free at the Hat Lek border. Just over the border in Thailand a minibus to Trat bus station leaves (theoretically) every 45 minutes during border opening hours. It costs 120 Baht and takes just over an hour. Recently long waits have become common and they often don’t leave until the minibus is full.
Once you have arrived in Trat then you can take individual or shared taxis from the bus station or the town directly to the Koh Chang ferries.

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