A Road Around Koh Chang?

Will There Finally be a Road Around Koh Chang?

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Could it really be happening this time? Could we finally be getting a road around the island?

Apparently so according to a report on Thai news website www.77kaoded.com. It’s all in Thai of course but here’s our effort to translate and share with you the main points of the article. Here’s the original.

They report that in a recent meeting of Koh Chang government heads the leaders of the 9 local “moo-barn” or areas of Koh Chang have agreed to the plan for building the required 10km of road between Bang Bao and Salak Phet to complete a circuit around Koh Chang.

In the meeting island official, Kamnan Wan Lung Kanornkun described that a partial circuit road that was part-built 10 years ago was abandoned when funds were instead poured into a road-building project to give road access to the Naval Battle Memorial down past Long Beach in the far Southeast of Koh Chang.

Whilst there now seems to be a strong desire from local government to complete the project there are apparently still some issues with regard to obtaining the necessary permissions to actually access the land.
Local landowner Khun Teera Salakphet owns land on the proposed route and has donated it to allow road construction. However, the proposed route also crosses land owned by the Koh Chang National Park and they have yet to approve the development.

But prominent local business owner Lieutenant General Preecha Wanarat has petitioned Thailand National Park Head Office in a letter dated December 19th, 2017 to argue the benefits of the project.

…and that’s where we are at the moment. So nothing is certain and the decision now seems to lie in the hands of the National Park but it seems like some kind of critical mass of support for the project has developed.

The benefits to business and tourism on the island are obvious. The drawbacks also. Native forest will have to be cleared for the road and the sleepy South-Eastern side of the island will likely face rapid development.

So what do you think? Should Koh Chang have a circuit road? Why not let us know below?


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9 Responses to A Road Around Koh Chang?

  1. Heiko

    Please dont kill the beautiful and quiet east Coast with terrible traffic. So you will kill the nature and the island

  2. Sergio

    I’v known Koh Chang, Koh Samui and Koh Lanta wellenough for several years.
    I tell you not to speed up the development of the island too much, the results are not always favorable

  3. Frans Van Nevel

    As a trailrunner, I am in favourite of a non-sealed Road for pedestrians only. I enjoy vet much Running along the stretch that was built 10 years ago

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  5. Finn Petersen

    I had condo in Tranquility Bay Residence for 10 years and actually was waiting for the road, as it will bring up prices in the area, but found that Koh Chang need this quiet part of the Island.
    If the road comes, Koh Chang will end up like any other owercrowded turistgarbage.

  6. P

    Koh Chang has a good balance at the moment. There are some quiet areas and some busy areas. The quiet areas are largely as a result of there not being a road at the bottom of the island. I fear this road will spread the tourists more evenly all around the island, a bit like the mess that Samui has become.

    At least with Chang most of the island is national park so will never be developed, the nature lovers and trail runners will still have plenty of trails to use. Worst case scenario – the coast road around the island becomes just one long stretch of hotels and restaurants, the middle of the island will remain undisturbed jungle.

    By the way, I walk the trails in the jungle on Koh Chang all the time. I must have spent over 500 hours in Koh Chang jungles and in that time, apart from the waterfall trails, I’ve met maybe 10 other people, total. If people don’t like the development along the coast road, head inland for your fix of ‘off the beaten path’.

  7. Dave

    Today I hiked down the road to Haad Wai Shak (the abandoned Bang Bao – Salak Phet road of 10 years ago from what I understand). At the end kept going up the mountain. Been up there before but not too far – this time kept going because the yellow and black ribbons tied to tree branches every 10 meters or so were easy to follow. Goes up to a ridge and then tumbles down steeply to the coast to a rocky point where I could see Bang Bao Pier and Grand Lagoona Beach. Headed back from there b/c left motorbike in Salak Phet. But looked like the (marked) trail kept right on going up another steep cluster of mountains before dropping down, I assume, somewhere into the back of Khlong Kloi. But, man, that terrain is steep, rocky, and densely covered in jungle. If they actually set out to do what it took to cut a road through that – we’re talking a major effort – then I’d expect Thai environmental groups to rightfully have a fit. So it’s the kind of thing where the bigwigs discuss it for decades but nothing ever happens. After hiking much of the terrain, I doubt it will happen. But with that sleek road out to Long Beach in the bag, who knows.

  8. Martin

    I really liked that there is no road so the parts in the south east of the island remain more undeveloped. You could visit the mangroves and especially the long beach nearly without meeting many tourist. Doing a scooter trip to long beach took some time but therefore was very special because it was so quiet. I guess those times would be over when they finish the road.

  9. Mark Hillard

    I rode this road last week as far as the washed out bridge near the end where the water over the creek beside was too deep for my scooter.
    Many locals have not been on this road and some are not aware of where it. Completing it will no doubt bring more tourists to the eastern side of the island followed by more hotels, then theme parks and all the other soulless trappings that have destroyed Phuket, Koh Samui and even places like Bali.
    Phu Quoc is rapidly changing with the push for more tourists there and once an international airport is built on Beautiful Koh Chang the Island and it’s lovely people will be changed forever.
    Please don’t Pave this paradise and destroy it’s soul


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