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Salak Phet Land Plot Sale

Affordable House-Sized Land Plots in Salak Phet When most people look for a piece of land over on the peaceful East Coast of Koh Chang they are planning to build a house. But usually the plots of land available are huge and expensive so people are buying more land than they want for much more money than they want. Luckily here is an alternative. A landowner has divided a piece of land into six house-and-garden sized Read more

Marina Condos in Klong Son For Sale

New Marina Condos in Klong Son For Sale Price From - 6.5 Million Baht This extremely desirable Condominium offers a choice of studios, 1 and 2 or 3 bedroom units and a modern and elegant design that provides residents with a practical and convenient luxury living in this tropical paradise. Situated within the premier beach development in Koh Chang the condos are situated on the banks of the Klong Son River surrounded by lush green jungle and Read more

Seafront Cafe Bar in Lonely Beach For Sale

Seafront Cafe Bar in Lonely Beach For Sale Price - 3 Million Baht This large modern cafe is located by the seafront in Lonely Beach. It is newly completed and has just been open for a few months. So why is it for sale? The owner has business interests in Laos that require attention and can't devote time to both. The business is for sale as a turnkey operation that you can walk into and run Read more

Unique Villa in Klong Son For Sale

Large Home in Klong Son For Sale Price - Now Reduced to 5.9 Million Baht This large villa is conveniently and centrally located on Koh Chang in Klong Son village beside the main road at the bottom of the climb to White Sand Beach. The villa is just a five minute drive from the main village/beach Hat Sai Kao (White Sand Beach) on Koh Chang. It is build on a 540 sq. meter land with the best Read more

The Koh Chang Real Estate Market

Times are changing fast in the youthful Koh Chang real estate market.

Koh Chang has only recently developed as a tourist destination and so far has only experienced large scale growth in hotels and tourist visits over the past ten years or so. Whilst there has been an explosion in the number of hotel beds and related tourist businesses the potential for residential property construction, with a few notable exceptions, has remained untapped. If you consider the histories of development of Thai resorts like Koh Samui, Phuket and Hua Hin that have been growing for ten or twenty years longer than Koh Chang then the next wave of development is set to see huge demand for housing and condominium development.

There are certain factors unique to Koh Chang that have major effects on how the property market will develop.
The first is the fact that Koh Chang lies within a Thai Marine National Park. Around 70-80% of the land area of the island falls within national park control and, since it is under government ownership, it cannot  (at least in principle) be developed.
Also, the Thai Navy own large tracts of land on the island. Add to this the fact that a lot of the remaining land is of tenuous land title (see our section on Thai land types) and the area of land on Koh Chang that is available for development becomes still more limited. The effect of this is that property prices can seem quite high, obviously as a factor of high demand coupled with limited supply. In the longer term of course this limitation on available land means that an investment in a well-built house or condo on a development with secure land title offers fantastic potential for growth in market value.

There have so far only been a few organised housing and condo developments on Koh Chang and many people have resorted to buying land and arranging construction themselves – no mean feat. But new projects keep coming online and since we represent all of the island’s main commercial developments then you are welcome to call into our office or call us on 081-919-8219 to find out what we currently have available, or take a look at the property section of our website www.koh-chang-guide.com where there are many pages of land, property and businesses for sale..

Koh Mak and Koh Kood

The nearby islands of Koh Mak and Koh Kood are also developing as alternative considerations for property and housing investment. The islands are smaller, Koh Mak very much so, but since they lie outside the national park far more of the land can be developed. Koh Mak so far has just a few residential developments and Koh Kood has none so any dream home projects currently have to be built from the ground up. The islands are both remoter and less developed than Koh Chang. Whether this is a good thing or not is a matter of opinion. They are certainly pretty and peaceful but this can come to feel remote and isolated in the low season. It might be a good idea to pay a visit at this time of year to get a feel for things before you buy.