Bailan Beach Map

Map of Bailan Beach on Koh Chang

Updated Frequently – Last Update: January 2020

About Our Maps

Our Island Maps are drawn exactly to scale and all beaches, roads etc, are in the right places. When we get down to the detailed beach maps the relationships of all the content to reality is positionally accurate. This way that we can include the ever growing number of businesses and attractions that Koh Chang has to offer.

The symbols used are, we hope, clear and self-evident and all the major stuff that you’ll need is up there.

We don’t list every tiny little business on the map because there just isn’t space any more but if you see something that you think isn’t on there that we should include then please let us know and we’ll review and add if it adds to the map’s usefulness.


Please note this map is copyright White Sand Publications Co. Ltd. and may not be reproduced or published either in print or electronically without the express written permission of White Sand Publications Co. Ltd. You may reproduce them on personal non commercial web pages or in personal blogs but only in the context of illustrating your visit or experiences on Koh Chang (but we would appreciate a link and a small mention) .

Beach Guides

Read our detailed beach guides for detailed info on activities, shopping, the best hotels, drinking and dining… and a photo gallery!

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