Koh Chang Guide

Koh Wai

Koh Wai is a small crescent shaped island with two small, pleasant beaches. There are two resorts on the island with rooms that range from simple huts to larger air-conditioned beach bungalows. There is some good snorkelling on the shallow reefs off the beach or you can try diving with BB Divers who have recently opened an office here. The lack of development makes the island an ideal place for a peaceful beach trip and it’s a good place to kick back after some strenuous travelling.

Other Islands

Whilst there are plenty of uninhabited islands in the Koh Chang archipelago a couple of the other islands have resorts on them where you can actually spend the night.

Koh Lao Ya is actually two separate islands linked by a bridge and is a pretty place that has had a resort on it for over ten years.

Koh Ngam is another island just off the South Eastern tip of Koh Chang. This island has a picturesque beach and a singles resort.

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Places to Stay

Koh Wai Green Resort is on a lovely stretch of beach and has aircon and fans rooms and WiFi throughout.

Koh Wai Beach Resort has several varieties of beach huts and that’s all you really need on Koh Wai since it is all about the beach.

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