Guaranteed Returns on Secured Investments

Monthly Income from a Secured Investment

Banks aren’t paying much interest at the moment are they?

So what many people are looking for is an investment option that allows a regular and certain cash return on investments with a guaranteed 100% cash return at the end of the investment period.

And here’s an interesting new opportunity that provides a good rate of return on a medium term investment. Emerging Trends Advisors Co., Ltd (ETA) have come up with a new opportunity to invest in the well-established and successful luxury Centara Hotel in Central Pattaya.

This is a tailor-made Investment opportunity for you to receive a monthly cash payment from an Investment as low as 350,000 Baht. Returns range from 5-9% Guaranteed per annum and investment periods range between three and ten years.
The Guarantee consists of the Property itself but also in the form of a 25 Million Baht cash injection made by ETA into this offering.

Remember that this is an investment in a hotel that’s up and running and profitable, in the heart of Pattaya, the 8th busiest tourist city in the world, in the 3rd busiest tourist country in the world.

100% of capital is returned at end of Investment period with a buy back guarantee issued in the contract.

Investment Details

ONLY 1000 units are available at 350,000 Baht each.

Monthly Interest payments are paid in cash at the following rates

350,000-3,500,000 Baht investment

3 Years 5% P.A
6 Years 6% P.A
10 Years 7% P.A

3,500,000 Baht upwards

3 Years 6% P.A
6 Years 7% P.A
10 Years 8% P.A

There is also a 35 Million Baht upwards option of 9% P.A

All of this is secured with a buy back guarantee where the Centara Hotel is the tangible asset and a cash injection from ETA of 25M Baht is also added for your security as well as the revenue from the operations of the Hotel.

So this is a great way to get regular interest payments over a  period of time that suits you.

You can find out more here.


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