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New Koh Chang Initiatives Approved Koh Chang had a visit from Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday. The result was the approval (in principle) of seven eco-tourism initiatives as follows. 1 – Road around the island 2 – Reservoir in Klong Prao 3 – Garbage separation and treatment plant 4 – Feasibility study for a […]

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Will There Finally be a Road Around Koh Chang? Could it really be happening this time? Could we finally be getting a road around the island? Apparently so according to a report on Thai news website www.77kaoded.com. It’s all in Thai of course but here’s our effort to translate and share with you the main […]

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The 3rd Koh Chang Beach Cricket Tournament After the great success of last year’s second Koh Chang Beach Cricket Tournament we are delighted to announce that this year’s event will be held on Saturday 26th and Sunday the 27th of August 2017 on the beach at Shambhala Beach Bar at Siam Royal View in Klong […]

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They’re building again There’s a project underway to widen the road, or rather one side of the road, all the way down the West Coast of Koh Chang. At the moment frenzied construction is underway, at least when it isn’t raining, or a weekend, or a Sang Som break, on the stretch of road between […]

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So what is the Best Beer in Thailand? A good question, and there’s only one way to find an answer. That’s right, try them all. So that’s what we did. We assembled a crack team of testers, bought eleven commonly available beers and did a blind tasting of them all to find out which was […]

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Just How Big is Koh Chang? Modern life can be very easy can’t it? If you want a fact these days, any little nugget of information from the collected wisdom of humanity, all you have to do is to type a question into a little box on your web browser and bang – instant knowledge! […]

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Koh Chang Ferry

So Why Should You Come to Koh Chang? Let’s start at the beginning. If you’re interested in visiting Koh Chang but have never been there then let me help you decide if it’s the place for you. After all there are a lot of Thai Islands to choose from – why should you pick Koh […]

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Koh Chang Bridge – Be Careful What You Wish For Do you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? Well I do so I’ll forgive you for not believing what I’m about to write. You see last April 1st in a practical joke we announced plans to build a bridge from the mainland […]

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Introducing The Koh Chang Newsletter We’re here to give you information about Koh Chang right? We do this here at this site, also at our Facebook page and of course in our printed guides. But it would be nice and easy to get all the news sent to you by email wouldn’t it? So now […]

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how to buy real estate in thailand

Buying Thailand Real Estate: A Guide for Foreign Investors Buying property and land in Thailand can be a confusing and daunting experience for foreign investors. But it doesn’t have to be! As long as you do your homework you can make sure that buying your dream home in Thailand never becomes a nightmare. We have […]

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Koh Chang – Mainland Bridge Project Announced UPDATE: This was, of course, an April Fool’s Day prank. There are no bridge plans. At least I hope not. Thailand’s Transport Ministry today announced ambitious plans for a road bridge linking Koh Chang to the Thai mainland as part of wide ranging infrastructure improvements throughout Thailand that […]

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Flag of Trat Province in Thailand

March 23rd is Trat Independence Day Today is Trat Independence Day everyone! On March 23rd 1907 Trat province (including Koh Chang) was returned to Thailand by France in exchange for areas on the Mekong river that now form part of Cambodia. There is a parade in Trat town every year and a fair to celebrate […]

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The Koh Chang Kodak Shop Robbery This is one of those ridiculous and sad stories that you just shake your head at. About three weeks ago the new Kodak shop in Kai Bae was robbed and set on fire. Fortunately the whole building didn’t burn down and nobody was hurt. Spare a thought for the […]

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ultra and trail unseen koh chang logo

Race Results Ultra and Trail Unseen 2016 Here are the results of last weekend’s Ultra and Trail Unseen races on Koh Chang. Winners were as follows: 13km – Dennis Teoh – 1hr 13m 22s (A notable competotor was HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha Mahidol who finished in an excellent 15th place overall) 35km – Craig Sauers – […]

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ultra and trail unseen koh chang 2016

Ultra and Trail Unseen Koh Chang Feb 27th 2016 February 27th sees the 2nd annual Ultra and Trail Unseen on Koh Chang. Starting from Salak Phet down in the Southeast of the island more than 1,700 brave entrants will run distances from 13km to 100km through the jungle. Madness! Look out for huge numbers of […]

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Koh Chang in December A somewhat belated update since we’ve been getting our high season issues together. But they’re with our printer now – and the electronic versions will be online in the next few days. So we take a breath and bring you up to date on what’s been happening on Koh Chang. Weather […]

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koh chang beauty pageant

Koh Chang News – September 2015 Miss Grand International 2015 Posters have sprung up all over the place advertising “Miss Grand International 2015“. It looks like this is going to be a beauty pageant. Thailand does love a beauty pageant. They virtually keep the nation’s plastic surgeaons in business as stunningly attractive Thai girls have […]

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koh chang september 2015

The End of the “Green” Season? Usually by mid-October the weather changes on Koh Chang and the monsoon squelches out to be replaced by drier windy weather. So in theory we’re now in the later stages of the rainy – oops, sorry, I meant the “green” – season and a change should be just round […]

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Koh Chang Beach Cricket There are just a few days to go now until the first Koh Chang Beach Cricket tournament. It’s taking place this Saturday and Sunday the 22nd and 23rd from 9am to 5pm at Shambhala Beach Bar at the Siam Royal View complex in Klong Son. Ten teams from locations as diverse […]

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koh chang guide july 2015 cover

Our New Koh Chang Guides Are Ready That’s right people. Our new issues are in the printers but the e-versions are here already. You can download copies via the links below or read them online with the super-flashy Issuu reader. Remember that everything is hyperlinked so if you click any ads or hyperlinked text then […]

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White Sand Beach in June 2015 - 6

June on Koh Chang June and September are the quietest months on Koh Chang in terms of visitors and after a busy public holiday last weekend the island is very quiet. It’s hot and sunny with the occasional shower, the beaches are empty and, as you can see from the photos taken at White Sand […]

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koh chang sunset gallery may 2015-14

May on Koh Chang Here’s a weather forecast for Koh Chang over the coming few weeks: 1 – Incredibly hot and sunny 2 – Short rainstorm 3 – Very hot indeed – sunny 4 – Some Showers 5 – Fierce sunshine accompanied by heat – a lot of heat. 6 – A thunderstorm 7 – […]

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songkkran on koh chang 7

Get out the waterguns/waterproofs! The Songkran New Year festival starts this weekend. Officially the first day of water throwing will be on Monday the 13th but don’t you believe it – it’s much more likely to begin on Sunday or even Saturday as Thailand winds down for the year’s biggest party. If you’re coming to […]

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koh chang guide issue 54 cover

Here  you are! Our new issues of the Koh Chang Guide, Koh Chang Restaurants, Bars & Spas and The Koh Chang Treasure Map are presented below for your reading pleasure. We hope that they help you to enjoy your visit to Koh Chang. Or perhaps you would prefer to download copies of our publications to […]

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koh chang monkeys comedy night

Here’s an update on a couple of worthwhile and interesting events that are happening on Koh Chang this weekend: Koh Chang’s First Comedy Night Tonight – Friday the 6th of February – will see what is, as far as we are aware, Koh Chang’s first ever live stand-up comedy night. The event is taking place […]

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Winner of a Free Three Night Stay in a Siam Royal View Villa A draw was held a few days ago from all the entries in our competition in collaboration with Siam Royal View to win a free three night stay in one of their luxurious Pool Golf Villas. The draw was made on January […]

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New Koh Chang Guides Online Now It’s that time again folks. Our new 2015 issues of The Koh Chang Guide, Koh Chang Treasure Map (Front, Back) and our annual Koh Mak Map (Front, Back) are now available for download. Either click the highlighted text above or the Covers below to open the guides – and […]

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serenity resort koh chang

New on Koh Chang for the 2015 Season As the Koh Chang tourist season sloooowly kicks in we thought we’d give you a bit of a rundown on some of the new places that have opened on Koh Chang since you were last here. Eating & Drinking Nong Bua Seafood/Pajamas The long-established Nong Bua Seafood […]

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koh chang sunset in november 2014

Koh Chang has the wind. What a relief. You can never be sure that the rainy season is really, truly over until the wind shifts direction and begins to blow strongly from the north. And that began a few days ago. So now we can usher in the ‘cool’ weather of the Thai Winter Season. […]

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Win a Koh Chang Break You can win a free three night stay in a pool villa at the luxurious Siam Royal View in Klong Son on Koh Chang with the Koh Chang Guide. This is a beautiful beachfront complex with a yacht marina, golf course, poolside beachfront restaurant, watersports and more. How to Enter […]

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koh chang guides in storage

Koh Chang Guides Available to Download At last our new Koh Chang Guides are complete and are now available in print and electronic form. You can read and download the PDFs by clicking the links below. One of the big changes with these new issues is that all of the guides and maps are now […]

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klong prao bridge washed out 2

  …a little rain must fall It was almost inevitable that after such a long period of good weather Koh Chang would finally receive a downpour – and boy has it received one. About 36 hours of solid, often torrential rain finally ended last night. This morning it is gray but not raining. Heavy downpours […]

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dragon on koh chang chinese temple

Those of you that braved last Friday's looming clouds and headed down to Koh Chang for this long Mother's Day public holiday have been rewarded by two absolutely glorious sunny days. Koh Chang is rarely lovelier than during these sunny spells at this time of year. The Chinese Temple in Klong Son looked great yesterday. […]

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a stream on koh chang

Koh Chang's Watery World That's a misleading title actually. It was an extremely wet and rainy June but so far July on Koh Chang has seen a fair bit of sunshine and only occasional showers. Koh Chang Waterworld is rather a reference to the many waterfalls and streams that fill up and teem with rainfall […]

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The Koh Chang Guide July 2014

Our new issues are here! – online and in print. Scroll down or go to our Guides and Maps page to read them. …and the sun just came out on Koh Chang for the first time in about ten days. Reasons to be cheerful.

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keeping koh chang clean 10

The Koh Chang Clean Up Koh Chang has a litter problem. This isn't surprising. Everywhere where people live has a litter problem. The problem is the thoughtless people who throw it on the ground. As the number of visitors to the island grows so does the amount of rubbish that is left all over the […]

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We’re definitely deep into the hot season now with maximum daytime temperatures on Koh Chang up into the high thirties. At this time of year a kind of lassitude settles on Koh Chang. The madness of the Songkran festival is over and whilst there are still plenty of visitors on the island you don’t see […]

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The Koh Chang Guide Issue 50 Cover

We’re now in the process of taking delivery of our new printed guides – but you tech-savvy devils can read them online right now. There’s a bumper crop this time since we have brand new issues of the Koh Chang Guide, Koh Chang Restaurants and Bars and also of our Koh Chang Treasure Map. You […]

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sunset at kai bae on koh chang

The Tides of March If you are interested to find out about high and low tide information in March, or in any other month for that matter then check out this useful site. The closest information to Koh Chang is Koh Mak but that’s close enough to help you to plan any tide related activities […]

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Oops! February was really busy for us as we completed three publications. Hence the lack of updates. On Koh Chang it was a bit like January really – only shorter. But March, oh, we’ll be letting you know all about March very soon. Don’t you worry.

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koh chang sunset jan 2014

January on Koh Chang Here we go again with our monthly update on what’s happening on Koh Chang – your favourite island paradise. The visitor high season here is now well under way. Koh Chang was packed as always for the Christmas and new year celebrations and is still pretty busy despite all the stuff […]

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second wreck dive on koh chang

(Another) New Wreck for Koh Chang! There was great news for Koh Chang this Tuesday as the Thai Navy played Father Christmas and sank another decommissioned boat off the island as a new dive site. The boat was the USS PGM-71, renamed the T11 by Thailand’s Navy. Guess it’s the Koh Chang Wreck 2. It […]

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klong prao beach koh chang

A quick update before we get into the final push to get our January Koh Chang Guide and Treasure Map issues off to print in time. By the way – and with shameless self promotion – if you would like to run an ad in our January publications then please let us know as soon […]

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Koh Chang’s tourist season is fast approaching. The weather is better (check out this photo of Kai Bae viewpoint a couple  of days ago if you don’t believe us) and an increasing number of visitors are arriving. At the moment there are quite a few Thai tourists due to the school holidays but the growing […]

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thailand launches elite wildlife ranger team

There are some interesting things happening in the Koh Chang jungle this week as the island is host to the trainees of Thailand’s new Elite Wildlife Ranger Team. This is part of a collaborative effort between the Thai Department of National Parks in collaboration with the United States sponsored ARREST program administered by the Freeland […]

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koh chang guide cover quarter 4 2013

You can now read the October issues of our Koh Chang Guide and Koh Chang Restaurants, Bars & Spas. They have all the useful up-to-date information on Koh Chang as well as features on living in Koh Chang, on Trat F.C. and, unusually, on bird’s nest soup. You can now read the guides by scrolling […]

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klong plu waterfall koh chang

So as the 48th issue of the Koh Chang Guide goes off to our printer we breath a forty-eighth sigh of relief, pause for a moment – and then begin to catch up on all the other stuff that's been on hold while we made it. And a website update is our first step. It […]

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natcha tour koh chang-13

So our new website is live. But you know this since you are reading this post on it aren't you? Anyway a browse around will reveal plenty of new stuff. We are throwing everything at it and eventually it will have nearly every article, feature and bit of information that we have ever written or […]

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koh chang guide issue 47

Here we go again! Our new issue of the Koh Chang guide is now available for you to read online. There’s a new issue of the Koh Chang Treasure Map out as well so why not head over to our new guides and maps section to read it. Amazingly we have the paper copies already […]

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