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Alaturka Koh Chang

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Alaturka Turkish Restaurant

Alaturka Turkish restaurant is a welcome new arrival to Koh Chang.

The restaurant is located at Grand View Plaza on the main road in bustling White Sand Beach.
The brightly-decorated and friendly restaurant offers delicious fresh and authentic Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.

The owner brings the recipes and reputation of his highly rated Singapore restaurant to the island and it is a great place to sample succulent grilled meat, fresh bread, flavoursome Meze and more. Scroll down the page to view the menu.

Strictly no MSG is used.

Alaturka Koh Chang

Opening Hours
12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
House Wine Glass
130 Baht (150ml)
Turkish Coffee
80 Baht
Credit Cards Accepted
Vegetarian Dishes
For large groups only
Tripadvisor: Alaturka Koh Chang



Bella Vita

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Bella Vita Koh Chang

Bella Vita is an authentic Italian restaurant located in Chang Kao Plaza opposite Grand View Resort at the Southern end of White Sand Beach.

They make all of your favourite Italian dishes including:

pizzas pastas, spaghettis, seafood, tiramisu and espresso.

The food is great, prices are reasonable and the location is in a relaxed and comfy open-air restaurant.

It’s definitely a place you should try during your stay on the island.


Bella Vita Italian Restaurant

White Sand Beach, East Koh Chang
Tel: 065-703-2683


Tantawan Resort

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Tantawan Resort Koh Chang

Tantawan Resort lies right on the sand in the center of White Sand Beach – a great location by anyone’s standards. They are a popular and long established mid-range bungalow resort and have good rooms and a popular bar and restaurant.



Tantawan Resort offers two types of room. They have simple clean and basic aircon bungalows and also some good Thai-style, pointy roofed bungalows that are all done out in wood and have good large balconies at the front. Their prices are reasonable and the location is superb.


Tantawan’s bar and restaurant has recently (2016) been completely remodelled in a modern brushed concrete style. They have indoor seating as well as deck chairs on the  beach.
The menu covers mainly Thai dishes with a selection of western breakfasts and in the evening they also have a fresh seafood barbeque on the sand.


Tantawan Koh Chang

White Sand Beach koh Chang
Tel: 039-551-178
Facebook Page



Sinatra Lounge

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Sinatra Lounge Koh Chang


The new Sinatra Lounge is a friendly and hassle-free air-conditioned bar that offers an oasis of calm amongst the bright lights of the White Sands Beach Bar Complex.

They offer a large selection of beers, wines and fine spirits together with “The best music ever”. In fact they have a karaoke jukebox with a huge 21,000 songs for you to choose from so all that you have to do is pick your favourites and sing along!

Sinatra Lounge
White Sand Beach, Koh Chang
Open daily from 7pm until late


Royal India

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Royal India Koh Chang

royal india koh chang logoRoyal India Indian Restaurant is a long-established Koh Chang Indian restaurant on White Sand Beach.

They continue to produce a wide selection of authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes from all over the Indian sub-continent. They pride themselves on the quality and freshness of their ingredients.

Their menu takes in all of the classic starters such as tasty Popodums, crispy Onion Bhajis and the aromatic potato dish Allo Tikki. Main dishes offer a wealth of tastes and flavours ranging from vegetarian classics like Tanddoris Paneer Tikka to great meat curries ranging from mild Kormas to spicier dishes like Chicken Vindaloo. It should be noted actually that everything on the menu can be produced to your requirements so if you’re not a fan of spicy food then they will be happy to make it mild or of you’re a chilli fiend they can spice up your dishes. Vegetarian, fish, chicken and lamb dishes are all available. You should remeber also to try something from their Tandoor oven whether it be classic Chicken Tikka, meaty and flavoursome Shish Kebabs or their wide range of Naan, Roti and other freshly baked Indian breads.

Additionally they have a full take away menu and even offer free home delivery to the nearby area.

And now they also have added a good selection of Thai and European dishes to their extensive menu.

Royal India Koh Chang

Coconut Plaza, Chai Chet Beach &
Grand View Plaza, White Sand Beach
Open 11AM – 10PM every day
Tel: 094-326-7825 (Nira)



Taste of India

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1Taste of India Koh Chang

White Sand Beach now has an authentic Indian restaurant. Taste of India caters to lovers of Indian food and also welcomes those who have never tried to join them and enjoy a unique dining experience.

Their menu offers a wide selection of classic Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals all prepared by trained chefs using only the freshest ingredients. You can enjoy starters such as popadums, onion bhajis and delicious samosas. Main dishes range from the aromatic and creamy to the rich and spicy and incorporate dazzling combinations of vegetables, meats, herbs and spices. And try and save some room for the rich, sweet and delicious Indian desserts known as Gulub Jamun.

You can dine in an outdoor area and take in the surroundings of White Sand Beach or, if you prefer, you can retreat to the cool comfort of their indoor air-conditioned restaurant.

The restaurant is located towards the north end of White Sand Beach opposite Sangtawan Resort and close to Oodie’s Place. You’re welcome to call for directions. You can also order food to take away or arrange deliveries.

You can view and download their menu here.

Taste of India Koh Chang

At the North end of White Sand Beach close to Cookies Resort
Open 7 days from 11am to 11pm
Tel: 098-105-6166, 081-808-4323


KC Grand Resort & Spa

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KC Grande Resort and Spa

kc-resort-and-spa-koh-chang-12KC Grande is one of the premier resorts on Koh Chang occupying a long stretch of the best beachfront at White Sand Beach.The resort is the first place that you’ll see as you descend the steep and winding hill into White Sand Beach. The main resort development is along several hundred metres of beachfront and there is a second hotel building on the other side of the road that has some pretty stunning sea views from its rooftop bar/restaurant and pool.




There are many many room types at KC. There are two main three storey hotel buidlings with hotel rooms, wome of which have a balcony jacuzzi. Or further up teh beach they have a variety of different styles of beach bungalow – some that are large enough for families.

View and Book at the Resort Website

View and Book at

View and Book at

Bars & Restaurants

Throughout their large resort complex they offer a range of different dining and drinking experiences ranging from relaxed poolside bars to quality restaurant dining.

The Beach Restaurant: Open : 6:30 – 23:00
There is a comprehensive menu and a beautiful beachfront view at The Beach Restaurant, which offers you the finest seafood from elaborate combinations of the freshest ingredients of Thai and European cuisine.

Gusto Restaurant: Open : 18:00 – 23:00
Good European food and drinks are not the only things that you can find in Gusto Restaurant. This well-decorated outdoor restaurant with a wooden floor and a wooden stage offers a sophisticated dining experience.

KC Bar: Open : 17:00 – 2:00
Just relax and listen to the sound at KC Bar – the Resort’s nightspot. It serves a variety of alcoholic drinks and has live music nightly.

KC Coffee Corner: Open : 07:00 – 23:00
KC Coffee Corner is situated beside the resort entrance. Here you can experience one of the world’s rarest coffees. KC Coffee Corner is a perfect place for all coffee lovers.

Sea Turtle Pool Bar: Open : 08:00 – 19:00
Take a cool break on a sunny day at the Sea Turtle Pool Bar, which overlooks the beach. They have an extensive cocktail menu and refreshments are always ready to be served.

Horizon Pool Bar: Open : 11:00 – 23:00
This rooftop level bar is beside a 40 metre long infinity-edge pool. KC’s Horizon Pool bar and Restaurant is a perfect place to hold your small-to-medium parties in a unique way with a clear gorgeous view over the ocean.

Sea Cave Pool Bar: Open : 10:00 – 18:00

KC Grande Resort & Spa Koh Chang

White Sand Beach, Koh Chang
Phone: 039-552-111, 02-539-5424
Fax: 02-538-6224


Thai Danish Restaurant by Jensen

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Thai Danish Restaurant White Sand Beach

An important part of Koh Chang’s multi-cultural dining experience can be found with the great Danish food offered by the Thai Danish Restaurant at White Sand Beach. The Danish chef and his Thai wife have built a family restaurant with a great reputation for delicious and extremely filling traditional Danish fare. They offer well-priced buffet breakfasts as well as a full all day a la carte menu as well as an all-you-can-eat buffet menu every saturday. They are located at Koh Chang Hut Resort at the start of the hill to the south of White Sand Beach – just five minutes stroll from the beach.

Every year they put on an extravagant Christmas dinner menu that is highly recommended. Contact them to book a place.

Thai Danish Restaurant Koh Chang

Koh Chang Hut – White Sand Beach – Koh Chang
Open 8am – late daily.
Tel: 085-439-4458


Blue Lagoon Bar

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Blue Lagoon Bar Koh Chang

Blue Lagoon is a popular and long-established bar in the bar area of south White Sand Beach next to Chang Buri Resort. The owners Nigel and Noi have run their bar for over 10 years now and welcome regular customers back year after year. The bar occupies a double unit and has a pool table and TV showing all kinds of live sports.
Something of a late night fixture the bar opens for pretty much for as long as customers want so you’re assured of a long and good night.

Blue Lagoon Bar Koh Chang
South White Sand Beach Koh Chang
Tel: 062-589-4319, 098-531-2539



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homebar-koh-chang-logoHomebar Koh Chang is a friendly restaurant, bar and guesthouse located about half way up the small hill at the south end of White Sand Beach.
The Thai/English owners previously ran a very busy pizza restaurant and bar in Bangkok but relocated to Koh Chang for a change of lifestyle and now serve visitors a wide variety of quality home-cooked meals.
As you would imagine Pizza is still one of their most popular dishes but you can also order Thai favourites like green curry and tom yam goong. Kang also makes a sellection of excellent Indian curries and a good selection of international wines and cheeses broadens your choice even further.
They also have a fully-stocked bar and show live sports on a wide screen TV.

And then there is their guest house. They have three floors above the restaurant and bar and offer some well-finished and well-priced rooms for rent. Some of the rooms are split-level and offer amazing views of the jungle-clad mountain at the back. And guests are also offered free Thai cooking lessons so if you’d like to learn more about Thai cuisine then this is a great place to stay.

Homebar Koh Chang

White Sand Beach Koh Chang
Open: 8am until late daily
Tel: 090-991-2198

homebar koh chang flyer


Plaloma Cliff Resort

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Plaloma Cliff Resort Koh Chang

Plaloma Cliff Resort is a popular and well-established resort at the south end of White Sand Beach.
They have two restaurants; a lobby restaurant and bar that looks out over their swimming pool and also a waterfront restaurant and bar that enjoys a terrific view down the full length of White Sand Beach.

The restaurants offer a comprehensive array of Thai and Western dishes and the beachfront restaurant in particular is a great place to watch the sunset with a cocktail.


Plaloma have a range of different kinds of hotel room, all priced in the mid-range bracket. They have poolside hotel rooms as well as waterfront bungalows and also a hotel block that has great views from the cliff out over the sea and White Sand Beach.

View and Book at

View and Book at Agoda


Plaloma Resort Koh Chang

11/2 White Sands Beach, Koh Chang
Tel: 039-551-119, 081-863-1305



Jungle Queen

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jungle queen koh chang

Jungle Queen Website:


Thor’s Palace

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Thors Palace Bar & Restaurant

Thor's Palace is a comfortable beachside restaurant and bar at Alina Resort run by the colourful Thor. It is an island institution having been an ever present feature of White Sand Beach since the very beginning of Koh Chang's tourist boom in the 1990's. They have featured on German TV and Emily Barr of The Guardian, U.K. described her visit there as "The best meal of my life". They are also recommended by Lonely Planet.

They serve excellent Thai curries prepared using recipes handed down from their grandmother. And a tasty sunset cocktail is a fantastic accompanyment to the sun setting over the sea.

Thor's Palace Koh Chang

At Alina Resort – White Sand Beach – Koh Chang
Tel: 081-819-7166, 081-927-2502


Rock Bar

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Rock Bar Koh Chang

rock bar koh changThis popular nightspot is located in Grand View Plaza towards the south end of White Sand beach. They offer live football and other sports on a big screen. There is also a free pool table and free WiFi connection. And, of course, they play rock music from 6pm to 5am every day.


Rock Bar White Sand Beach

Grand View Plaza – White Sand Beach – Koh Chang


Siam Kitchen

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Restaurant offering Western and Chinese specialities in addition to a full Thai menu. Cocktails are also available.


Rock Sand Resort

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Rock Sand Resort Koh Chang

Everywhere you read about claims to be unique. Rock Sand Resort, however is a unique place to visit and stay. It perches on top of the one rocky outcrop that divides White Sand Beach into its busy Southern and quiet Northern sections. So, as you’d imagine the views are great. There is no road access either so you need to walk about 400 metres down the beach to get there. All of this means peace and quiet.



The room at Rock Sand Resort all perch on the hillside and so they all have great views out to sea. The rooms range in style from simple bungalows with fan and shower to bigger air-conditioned family suites so there’s a range of comfort to suit nearly everyone.

View and book at Agoda


The restaurant really is in a great spot. Enjoy a meal on The Terrace which hangs out over the sparkling ocean with beautiful sunsets in quiet and peaceful surroundings.
The menu offers freshly cooked meals, from spicy Thai to steaks, homemade pizzas and french fries. A wide range of drinks, cocktails and different wines are served.

Rock Sand Koh Chang

Opening Hours: 7am to 10pm
Telephone: 0847 810 550


Piatto Ricco Italian Restaurant

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Piatto Ricco Restaurant

piatto ricco italian on koh chang 2This busy little Italian restaurant serves pizzas, pastas and all kinds of Italian specialities from their roadside restaurant in central White Sand Beach. They also have imported steaks. They have been in business on Koh Chang for many years and have a loyal customer base.




Piatto Ricco Italian Koh Chang


White Sand Beach – Koh Chang
Tel: 087-127-9172



Paddys Palms

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Paddy’s Palms Koh Chang


If you want to stay close to the action Paddy’s Palms Koh Chang also has a good value resort back in a quiet space behind the pub. They have 30 air-conditione dhotel rooms in two small blocks with a with a swimming pool in the middle and amazing views of the mountains behind. You are just a five minute walk from the beach and the resort has become one of the most popular places on White Sand Beach because of their very reasonable room rates for the standard of accommodation that you receive.


You can reserve a room here and now below or contact the resort directly through their website.

View and book with

View and book with

Irish Pub & Restaurant

Paddy’s Palms has an excellent menu for all the family and is located just up the hill from White Sand Beach.

Their menu offers a wealth of classic pub dishes such as Irish stew, breakfasts, fish and chips and pies. Don’t forget to try the special Sunday roast. If these don’t fill you up then try one of their homemade desserts. Children’s and Thai menus are also available.

Paddy’s offers draught Guinness and Kilkenny as well as a wide range of beers, spirits, ciders and cocktails.
Live sports are shown on 8 big screens and there is a pool table, free Wi-Fi and table fussball.
There is a car park behind the pub

paddys palms koh chang

House Specialities

■ Paddy’s Palms Big Breakfast  served all day
■ Fish & chips with bread, salad and tartar sauce
■ Irish Stew: Classic stew made with lamb and vegetables
■ Home-made Beef & Guinness pie
■ Sunday Roast: Roast lamb, beef or chicken (Sundays Only)
■ Apple Crumble

Details & Bookings

Opening Hours: 7.30am to 12.30 – 1am
House Wine Glass: 120 Baht
Corkage: 300B
Credit Cards Accepted: Visa/MasterCard
Vegetarian Dishes: Selection
Reservations: Recommended for large groups
Telephone: 039-619-085

Paddys Palms Website:


Oodie’s Place

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Thai/ French

Blues/Thai/Folk/Rock live music bar. Popular island hangout. Food includes Mongolian barbecue and Steak Lao. French Menu and Pizzas


Monkeys Restaurant

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Monkeys Bar & Restaurant is a great place to dine and drink in White Sands Beach. They are centrally located at Grand View Plaza, next to the Alina Hotel. They offer indoor and outdoor seating in comfortable surrounds.
Their menu offers some classic European and Thai dishes along with ice cold beers, draught beers, ice creams and over 50 cocktails. Their focus is on well prepared international and Thai dishes with something for everyone.

monkeys koh chang
With 3 large TV screens it is a great place to watch live sport including English Premiership Football. They also have free Wi-Fi & Snooker.

Pub Quizzes
From time to time Monkeys host a Pub Quiz. There are prizes for teh winners and it’s a lot of fun. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for details.

House Specialities

■ Full English Breakfast with real Cumberland sausages -200B
■ Beef Fillet Mignon. Prime cut tenderloin wrapped in Bacon with a creamy mushroom sauce- 399B
■ Chicken Breast (pictured) with asparagus, creamy mash and sage & onion butter-225B
■ Pizza Baguettes-150-190B
■ Greek Salad-170B
■ Monkeys Burger. Home made with prime mince beef served with salad and chips-205B

Monkeys Koh Chang – Details

Opening Hours: Every Day 9am-1am
House Wine Glass: 140 baht
Corkage: 200 baht
Credit Cards Accepted: No
Vegetarian Dishes: Yes
Reservations: Not required
Telephone: 039-551-402

Monkeys Restaurant Website: