BB Gym

bb gym logoThe BB GYM in Lonely Beach was opened in July 2012. It is an open air building offering a nice selection of training equipment and activities. The gym is open for walk in customers and offers monthly and yearly membership.

They offer Yoga classes 5 times a week, either at 10 am or 5 pm. Schedules can change depending on the season.
The ground floor holds the weight training area and most of the training machines. Behind the gym there is a tropical garden with covered space to train Muay Thai or it can be used for private exercises and group activities.

The first floor is used for yoga training and stretching exercises. They also have Wii games available for some fun and warming up. There is a nice lounge area with free WIFI and a small swimming pool to relax. Power shakes, energy drinks, soft drinks and snacks are available and the BB World of Tapas Restaurant has nice cool shakes, snacks and salads.

The gym is open from 8.30 am to 10 pm, last “entry” time is 9 pm.

They ask their gym trainees to help to keep the place nice for everyone by using a towel (bring your own or for rent) on the benches, wearing sports shoes (or if not available clean soft shoes) and keep the free weights stored in the original place after training.
Water and drinks are available (see above) but you can bring your own if preferred.

Training Equipment

Muay Thai boxing bag, gloves, kick pad, cross over cables machine, Lat pull down, T Bar row, Leg extension. Leg curl, Power cage with barbells, Chin up Bars. Smith machine, Adjustable benches, Dumbbells from 1 to 40 kg, Parallel dipping bars, Sit up bench
2 Treadmills, 2 Cross trainers, 2 Spin bikes
Yoga mats, rubber mats, Skip rope, Balloon, twist. Hula-hoop

Swimming Pool

We have a small pool which can be used to cool down, have a dip or just enjoy the view. It is not big enough to swim laps though, for that you ll need a walk to the beach.



In front of the BB gym there is motorbike parking, if you come by car then just head about 50 meter  to the south and there is a parking space on your right hand side, just past Paradise cottage


Contact Information

Tel: 039-558-040, 039-558-110, 086-155-6212