Fashion Koh Chang

Fashion Koh Chang in White Sand Beach

fashion koh chang store frontIt’s hard to buy clothes as presents for others, or treats for yourself, on Koh Chang. This is because the majority of the tourist shops are selling the same old stuff – poor copies of common designer labels.

Thankfully though you can now pay a visit to Fashion Koh Chang, a shop that sells interesting and affordable unique clothing and accessories made in Thailand by Thai designers.

Here you will find many different original styles of quality hand-made clothing, bags and accessories. There are some great tops and dresses that use antique hand-made ethnic hilltribe materials worked into modern designs.

Their clothes are made of quality natural fibres such as cotton, linen and hemp and are hand-finished and embroidered. Since they are made in Thailand this quality of workmanship doesn’t mean that prices are high and you will pay far less than you would in Europe for similar designer quality.

You are welcome to browse the shop and you might want to take advantage of their mail order online delivery service through their Facebook page.

Browse the gallery below for some stock selections.

Fashion Koh Chang

South White Sand Beach Koh Chang
Between Krung Thai Bank and 7-Eleven.
Open: 12:00-10:00pm daily
Tel: 093-014-9406