You can pick up a surprisingly large range of goods, both souvenirs and necessities in Koh Chang. There are a huge number of shops selling souvenir items on the major beaches. These include carvings, jewellery, ethnic clothing and handicrafts, bags, T-Shirts, CDs etc. There isn’t a great deal of variety between many of the shops since they are largely supplied from the same source but shop around and you can find a few more individual shops that sell some nice stuff.


With the relatively recent arrival of four Tesco Lotus supermarkets to the island in addition to the ten – and counting – 7 – Eleven stores Koh Chang must be reaching convenience store capacity. You have choice of small supermarkets at most of the beaches on the west coast. A couple of independent supermarkets that have a good selection of reasonably priced International foods are Anna at the top of the hill South of White Sand Beach and Sing Tong in Klong Prao.

Other Interesting Shops

You can buy original artwork and also commission work La Cabra at Serenity Resort. The artwork for our Koh Chang Treasure Map comes from here and you can buy prints of fun and intricately detailed maps of Koh Chang and Thailand that are a class above the usual tourist tat.

Koh Chang Wine Gallery in Kai Bae  sells a huge range of wines, beers and spirits at reasonable prices.

Peace Moon about halfway down the pier in Bang Bao sell all kinds of bags, belts and leather products that they make by hand themselves from regular leather as well as Ostrich and crocodile skin. They also have a range of silver jewellery  and other souvenirs.

If you get bored of all the same old shops selling the same old tourist clothes then you might want to pay a visit to Fashion Koh Chang who have a great selection of locally produced designer clothes.

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