Reading on Koh Chang

Koh Chang Bookshops

Reclining on the beach with a good book to read is one of the great pleasures of a relaxing holiday. But where can you choose a good book on Koh Chang? Read on. is a used bookshop with Koh Chang’s best selection of books in over twenty languages. They are located opposite the Big C supermarket and next to the main Post Office at Pearl Beach between White Sand Beach and Chai Chet Beach. They have more than 4,000 books on display and you can have a coffee in their cafe whilst you browse. If you return a book bought from them in good condition they will give a 50% trade-in on the next purchase. We must declare a little bias though since we own the place!

Books and local newspapers are available in the island’s supermarkets and minimarts. Additionally many of the resorts offer book sales, rentals and exchanges.

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