Koh Chang Activities

All Kinds of Excellent Koh Chang Activities

As you would imagine there are an enormous number of things to do on Koh Chang. The list of Koh Chang Activities just keeps growing year by year.

Koh Chang Activities

You can be as active or as relaxed as you like.

You can lie on the beach, swim in the sea or a swimming pool or at a waterfall or trek in the jungle – on foot or on elephants, or even from tree to tree.

You can play golf, or just practise at the driving range. there are guided cycle tours, or you can visit the gym, yoga classes, and all kinds of massages and spas treatments.

There are fifty one other nearby islands to explore by all kinds of boat – or check out the underwater scene with a snorkel or a dive trip.

Or go shooting, choose between guns and bows and arrows – Koh Chang has places for both.

You can ride through the jungle on an ATV, or explore the island on a motorbike, or a car, or a bicycle.

You can chill out and read a book in the shade, or go shopping, there are lots of interesting shops.

You could paddle a canoe or learn to cook Thai food or get a tattoo.

The list is endless and the choice is yours – after all you’re on holiday aren’t you?

Koh Chang Restaurants and Bars

And you can of course eat and drink to your heart’s content in the hundreds of Thai and International restaurants and bars. Prices are reasonable and there are some great examples of food from all over the world. And when we say all over the world we mean it; there are currently Koh Chang Restaurants that prepare the cuisines of all the following countries:

Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, United States, Mexico, India… and we’ve probably missed a few!

To find out details about the very best Koh Chang Activities to get involved in just have a browse through our detailed pages below.