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Our New Koh Chang Guides Are Ready

That’s right people. Our new issues are in the printers but the e-versions are here already. You can download copies via the links below or read them online with the super-flashy Issuu reader.

Remember that everything is hyperlinked so if you click any ads or hyperlinked text then you will be whisked off to interesting and exciting places – just like that!

We hope that you enjoy the guides.

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June on Koh Chang

June and September are the quietest months on Koh Chang in terms of visitors and after a busy public holiday last weekend the island is very quiet. It’s hot and sunny with the occasional shower, the beaches are empty and, as you can see from the photos taken at White Sand Beach Resort,  very beautiful. So if you want to have lovely paradise beaches to yourself – and you’re not afraid of being a little different – then now is a great time to visit.

site-of-makro-koh-changNow is also the time when you get a flavour of what’s going to change on the island as the annual raft of low season building projects begin. White Sand Beach has two large hives of building activity – one is a new hotel being built by the owners of Buffalo Bill. The second, pictured here, will be a Makro supermarket. Really. As usual opinion is divided on whether the island needs another large international supermarket – although you can’t deny its convenience if you live here. But plonking it on prime real estate right in the middle of the island’s busiest beach seems like a strange choice since out of the way, peripheral locations are more typical sites for this kind of development. Koh Chang, however, remains a stranger to zoning.

You might think that a sunny month just before the monsoon, with little traffic and few visitors to inconvenience, would be the perfect time to conduct emergency work on the road over the hill between White Sand Beach and Klong Son. After all you can see that the chances of part of the road collapsing appears to be very high.

There are no signs of activity on this particular project though.

Koh Chang Beach Cricket Tournament

The first Koh Chang Beach Cricket Tournament will be held on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August 2015 on the beach at Siam Royal View in Klong Son.
Visiting teams are expected from Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket as well as Koh Chang’s local heroes. The format will be six players a side with six overs per innings so there will be lots of short and entertaining cricket matches. If you’re already a fan of  this ancient sport then you will already know what to expect but if you’re new to the game then consider this the perfect opportunity to find out what on earth is going on.
It is going to be a fun event for both participants and spectators in this beautiful setting and visitors are also encouraged to explore the other facilities available at Siam Royal View which include a pitch and putt golf course, swimming pools, restaurants and bars and a yacht marina. Food and beer tents will also be on site and the event will, of course, be free to watch.

The competition will take place from 9am until 5pm on the Saturday and from 9am until two teams compete in the final in the middle of Sunday afternoon.
If you’d like to find out more about the event then consult the website at www.kohchangbeachcricket.com or get in touch with us below

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May on Koh Chang

Here’s a weather forecast for Koh Chang over the coming few weeks:

1 – Incredibly hot and sunny
2 – Short rainstorm
3 – Very hot indeed – sunny
4 – Some Showers
5 – Fierce sunshine accompanied by heat – a lot of heat.
6 – A thunderstorm
7 – A bit like being on the surface of the sun
You probably get the idea by now. It’s hot and sunny for a long time then it rains quickly, rinse and repeat.

The other main weather feature of note at the moment is that the sunsets have been quite spectacular. I could describe them but why bother when we have this splendid gallery of Koh Chang sunset photos taken in the last few days. They have been kindly provided by our friend Neil Hazeldine – many thanks mate.

The island is now officially quiet after a few mad busy public holiday weekends. The holiday at the start of May was especially busy with people in cars having to wait for up to eight hours to get on or off the island. If you plan to come to Koh Chang by car it’s always worth checking whether you will be arriving at the beginning of a public holiday. If so then get up before the sun and get to the ferry as early as possible to avoid a long and unpleasant wait for the ferry. Or just park your car on the mainland, walk onto the ferry and get a taxi. It’s easy.

As the number of visitors to Koh Chang goes down the development projects start up again in force. The latest “old school” beach bars to vanish are Lay Lay Tong and Palm Beach on Chai Chet beach. Lay Lay Tong was the host to many a happy afternoon of beach cricket and will be sorely missed. They are to replaced by an expansion of Flora I Talay Resort – definitely a bit more upmarket but still a great place to watch the sunset. They could invest in a few more beer coolers though.

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