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Posted on September 8, 2014 in Koh Chang NewsComments Off


…a little rain must fall

klong prao bridge washed out 2It was almost inevitable that after such a long period of good weather Koh Chang would finally receive a downpour – and boy has it received one. About 36 hours of solid, often torrential rain finally ended last night. This morning it is gray but not raining. Heavy downpours have affected all of central and northern Thailand and there is extensive flooding on the mainland – although we drove back to Koh Chang from Chantaburi yesterday and the roads were fine – if moist. The biggest effect on Koh Chang is that the bridge in Klong Prao by the turnoff to the Klong Plu waterfall has washed away and the road is currently impassable.

klong prao bridge washed out 1A makeshift footbridge is in place and enterprising taxis are waiting for fares on both sides. But road repairs are expected to take the best part of a week to complete. Something workable might well be in place sooner. We visited a little earlier for a rubberneckers roving report and as you'd imagine there's a bit of a circus down there. Amidst all the onlookers, gawkers and gapers and officials of all stripes revelling in being official there was actually a big digger clearing out the riverbed and a few other people being constructive.

Oh, hang on, it's just started raining again.


koh chang bridge repairedUPDATE


And so one day later the sun is shining down on Koh Chang and they must have worked all night to fill the broken bridge with rubble and open the road again. Good work! Was it all just a bad dream? Things can get a little strange at this time of year.

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