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May on Koh Chang

Here’s a weather forecast for Koh Chang over the coming few weeks:

1 – Incredibly hot and sunny
2 – Short rainstorm
3 – Very hot indeed – sunny
4 – Some Showers
5 – Fierce sunshine accompanied by heat – a lot of heat.
6 – A thunderstorm
7 – A bit like being on the surface of the sun
You probably get the idea by now. It’s hot and sunny for a long time then it rains quickly, rinse and repeat.

The other main weather feature of note at the moment is that the sunsets have been quite spectacular. I could describe them but why bother when we have this splendid gallery of Koh Chang sunset photos taken in the last few days. They have been kindly provided by our friend Neil Hazeldine – many thanks mate.

The island is now officially quiet after a few mad busy public holiday weekends. The holiday at the start of May was especially busy with people in cars having to wait for up to eight hours to get on or off the island. If you plan to come to Koh Chang by car it’s always worth checking whether you will be arriving at the beginning of a public holiday. If so then get up before the sun and get to the ferry as early as possible to avoid a long and unpleasant wait for the ferry. Or just park your car on the mainland, walk onto the ferry and get a taxi. It’s easy.

As the number of visitors to Koh Chang goes down the development projects start up again in force. The latest “old school” beach bars to vanish are Lay Lay Tong and Palm Beach on Chai Chet beach. Lay Lay Tong was the host to many a happy afternoon of beach cricket and will be sorely missed. They are to replaced by an expansion of Flora I Talay Resort – definitely a bit more upmarket but still a great place to watch the sunset. They could invest in a few more beer coolers though.

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songkkran on koh chang 4Get out the waterguns/waterproofs! The Songkran New Year festival starts this weekend. Officially the first day of water throwing will be on Monday the 13th but don’t you believe it – it’s much more likely to begin on Sunday or even Saturday as Thailand winds down for the year’s biggest party.

If you’re coming to Koh Chang then bear in mind that the ferries can be super-busy and long delays can occur. It might be worth getting down here as early in the day as you can. And if you haven’t already booked a room then do so right now – it is one of the busiest times of year for Koh Chang visitors so accommodation will be very hard to find. If you come without a booking then don’t bother looking on the beach. Head inland and you just might find something.

You can read through our feature on Songkran in Koh Chang to get a better idea of what to expect.

Enjoy. Happy New Year! Sawat Dee Pee Mai!

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